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Yule Ball!

And…In honor of the Yule Ball tonight at The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – East Liberty Branch, here is my favorite Whomping Willows Song! Please join us in putting on our holiday best and dancing to a song or three! It’s free!


~LeeAnn Anna

Teen review: Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

My name is Jenna. I go to a high school where I’m part of the marching band and the cheerleading squad. I’m pretty busy, but I always find time to read. I’m also very creative and I like doing little crafts out of random things I find.

Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

The novel “Glow” is a book that shows us the lives of two teenagers; Waverly and Kieran. But, these aren’t just two ordinary teens. They live on a spaceship heading to a new planet. For Waverly and Kieran, their ship, the Empyrean, is all that they’ve ever known. They were born on the Empyrean and they know every single person on the ship; adult, child, everyone.

But their ordinary, familiar world is about to change. The Empyrean’s sister ship, the New Horizon, that left Earth one year before the Empyrean, is planning an attack. The people aboard the New Horizon are all infertile. They can’t reproduce which means they won’t have a new generation to run the ship when they all die. Because of this dilemma, the New Horizon plans an attack and kidnaps all of the girls on the Empyrean.

While the girls are on the New Horizon, the people on the Empyrean are experiencing chaos. Due to freak accidents caused by the attack, almost all of the adults are either dead or kidnapped, which just leaves the boys to control and run the Empyrean.

One of the main themes of this book is how children under the age of sixteen react to tragedy and also to see if they can prevail and beat all odds. For example, it’s up to Waverly to save all the girls on the New Horizon and to save the adults that are kept there too. And it’s Kieran’s responsibility to be the leader for the boys on the Empyrean and to keep their spirits up.

This novel takes us through the tragedy, terror, anger, and love of the teenagers of the ship that are suddenly put in a leadership position they don’t necessarily want.

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