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Fun Information

These days we hear a lot  about “information overload” and “the crush of data” in our everyday lives.
While some people find so much information overwhelming, it is ultimately a huge asset to have information at our disposal all the time.   The fact that  information is so easy to access means we have the potential to be much more productive than in the past.   It also means there are tons of ways to have fun with information.  Repeatedly checking Facebook and Twitter are tried and true ways to waste spend time online, but there are so many fun, and yes, even educational ways to spend time…why limit yourself?
Whenever I’m looking for fun online the first place I go is Stumble Upon.  Stumble Upon is a discovery engine.  The content is collected, categorized and rated by users. There is no shortage of fun and informative sites. You create a simple profile that includes any and all topics you find interesting.  My Stumble Upon interests include gardening, guitar, design  and library resources among many others.   In just a few stumbles I found …

Amazing art by Pete Fecteau @ http://petefecteau.com/

A feature about an artist who created an amazing MLK day mosaic using Rubic’s Cubes.

This rug is made of old bed sheets @ the amazing http://www.craftpassion.com







A tutorial on how to make a braided rug out of rags.  Turn spring cleaning into a great project for your room.

Drawings and photography by Ben Heine @ http://www.benheine.com/







An artist who combines photography (illustrating reality) and some crazy bits of imagination illustrated by the artist’s pencil drawings.

Night vision photography of an air raid over Bagdad via the Associated Press

Mikengreg Gam





The Smithsonian’s The Price of Freedom: American’s at War online exhibit.








This game designed both for your phone or computer is a fun fast pasted ski or die trip over the city.






So branch out with from your old information routine with a few new and interesting sites online.


2 Responses

  1. Great post, Brooke. I’ve been meaning to create a StumbleUpon account–I think I’ll do it right now!

    • Thanks Corey. Its a great way to spend some time. I’m currently a little addicted to Zombies vs Plants which I found Stumbling.

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