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Teen review: The Other Countess by Eve Edwards

Caroline – I am a 16-year-old from Point Breeze and a junior in high school. Along with reading and listening/singing along to music, my hobbies include journaling, chemistry, and fencing.

The Other Countess by Eve Edwards

Begin blog:

Flash back four-hundred years to the Middle Ages, where dukes, earls, and queens reigned the land. With the death of his father, fourteen-year-old Will is suddenly thrown into the position of earl. Will’s father had financed the experiments of an alchemist, but had soon spent the entire family fortune on the alchemist, leaving his own family in a somewhat impoverished state. Angry that he should be heir to so little, Will, in a temper, immediately kicks out the alchemist and his daughter who had been living off his father’s hospitality.

Four years later, eighteen-year-old Will experiences his first time at court. It is anything but dull. Will must joust the famous Walter Raleigh, keep up the appearance of seeming richer than he actually is, and choose a future bride. Hoping to find one that has a lot of money and is one he actually loves, Will keeps a sharp eye out. Although he looks at all the ladies, including the wealthy Lady Jane, the only one he discovers he truly loves is, of course, the poorest one. He flirts with her until the day he suddenly discovers that she is none other than the one he kicked out four years ago. Angry with his heart for not making a better choice, he turns his back on her.

The next day, Ellie and her father are sent away from court because Ellie’s father has made a mess of himself by carrying out an experiment that accidentally blows up his room. Sick of her father ruining her life, Ellie tells him that he needs some time to write down all his discoveries. Her rather oblivious father agrees, and the two stay at an old woman’s house for the time being. Little do they know that the house is in the territory that Will reigns over. When Will discovers this, he immediately tries to drive them out. However, he inexplicably finds himself drawn to Ellie. The more he tries to push her out of his life, the more he wants her there. Ellie, too, finds Will to be attractive for no logical reason, and the two begin seeing each other more and more.

Meanwhile, Will has decided to court the Lady Jane because of her wealthy status. Neither of them really love each other, and they both know it. Will finds that talking with the Lady Jane is awkward, unlike the casual, loving, witty Ellie. But when Ellie’s host is captured for being Catholic (in Anglican England) and she and her father lose their shelter, her father leaves the little village, in hopes of finding new funding, and takes Ellie with him. When word reaches Will and the Lady Jane that tragedy has befallen her, however, the two go after their friend. With both girls staying with him, Will must now make his choice – does he wed the Lady Jane and bring his family wealth again or give in to his heart and marry the poor lady whom he truly loves?

Although there really is not much plot, this book continually depicts love scenes. The two main characters are Ellie and Will, but the story often switches to different perspectives, such as a maid’s, to give a different side of the story. Personally, I thought the book was alright, but it was not my favorite. However, if you are a more love-story type, you might really like it.

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