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Valentine’s Day: For the Birds?

Well it’s here- Valentine’s Day.  The day for love and chocolate and romance!  There is a lot I didn’t know about Valentine’s Day until I did a bit of research.  I always assumed that there was a Saint Valentine who did something for love and that’s why we have a Valentine’s Day.  But according to Catholic Online, the Church isn’t even sure how many ‘Valentines’ there were because a few early martyrs had that name.  But one of the Valentines was clubbed and beheaded on February 14th around the year 270 because he would not renounce his faith.  Really romantic, right?!!  The Catholic Encyclopedia states that the association of Saint Valentine with romance did not start until the Middle Ages in England and France.  The reason?  Because birds would pair up and mate around the middle of February!  So someone decided to make a holiday for lovers at the same time.  Since St. Valentine’s feast day was February 14 that’s how his day became associated with love and romance.

Well that’s the somewhat strange history of Valentine’s Day, but the important thing to most of us is the presents!  Consider this my Valentine’s Day gift to you.  If you haven’t made or bought a Valentine for someone yet, here is my last minute guide to gift giving.  Below are some links for homemade Valentine’s Day crafts and gifts:

Valentine’s Crafts from Goodhousekeeping

V-Day crafts from Martha Stewart.com

Also, so I don’t forget.  Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful wife, Anne!!


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