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Move over Valentine’s, It’s Susan B. Anthony Day!

That’s right, hearts and chocolate’s were so yesterday.  Today is the day for celebrating Susan B. Anthony and Woman’s Suffrage in the United States.

While perhaps it is a little known holiday and not one observed nationally, February 15th is a special observance day in the State of Wisconsin and a State Legal Holiday in Florida.

Susan B.

courtesy of historylink.org

Susan B. Anthony, born today in 1820, spent much of her life campaigning for women’s equal rights, specifically the right to vote.

A Temperance advocate and teacher until her thirties, Susan B. Anthony was introduced to Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1852 and the two began working together tirelessly to gain the vote for women across America.

Ignoring all opposition, Anthony canvassed and campaigned for nearly fifty years on behalf of women’s rights.   She helped found several Women’s equal rights groups, including forming the National American Woman Suffrage Association and serving first as vice-president, then succeeding as president.  From 1869 to 1906, she appeared before every congress to ask for passage of a suffrage amendment.

In 1920, fourteen years after Anthony’s death, the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution was passed, giving women the right to vote.  This bill is also known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment.  Anthony was not only a pioneer of suffrage, but also of feminist activists throughout the 20th century and today.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. AnthonyRead more about the relationship between Anthony and Stanton in Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony : a friendship that changed the world  by Penny Colman.

Sisters: the lives of America's SuffragistsRead more about Susan B. Anthony’s fellow suffragists in Sisters : the lives of America’s suffragists by Jean H. Baker

And, to celebrate February 15th to the utmost, check out this awesome comic on the life of Susan B. Anthony from Hark A Vagrant’s Kate Beaton.

Happy Susan B. Anthony Day, everyone!

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