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The Birth of Your Apple Product

A few months ago, Corey blogged about an iphone app game that details the beginnings of an iphone, complete with “NES-style graphics, mini games, slave labor, and suicide”.

Lately, there has been a lot more talk and news coming out regarding Apple’s labor practices, particularly in China. After visiting the country and interviewing workers at the Apple factory Foxconn, Mike Daisey wrote a theatrical monologue that paints an awful grim picture of what he learned there regarding worker’s rights (or lack there of) and just how much that iPhone in your pocket cost – in terms of human price. Click HERE for a This American Life piece on this one man show.

Love your iphone? Don’t want to watch, listen, or read anything that will change that  love? Well, just know that Mike Daisey was an Apple product lover going into his research.  This simple fact should help you to see that you can still love your iPhone and look at it with a critical eye, and that you absolutely should consider where it was born and those who assembled it.

Last night at 11:35pm, on “Nightline” they aired the story “iFactory: Inside Apple,” if you caught it – remember that Apple contacted “Nightline” to do this story.

Looking for more information?  Put a reserve on Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired–and Secretive–Company Really Works by Adam Lashinsky.

Until Next Time,

LeeAnn Anna, Teen Services Coordinator

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  1. […] you read this post from about a month ago, about the American Life piece about “Mike Daisey, [who] wrote a […]

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