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Music Matters

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:
― Kurt Vonnegut

Music is amazing.  I mostly just listen to it, but lately I’ve been picking up my guitar a little more often to play.  For a while now Ive been practicing chords and learning simple songs with my electric guitar.  Now that I’m the proud owner of a new acoustic guitar I’ve been learning about finger picking style.  Its so fun and rewarding, I try to make a little time each day to practice.  It’s funny because when I was in the High School band I found practicing my instrument to be super boring .  The time I spent in band was memorable for the friends I made and great times we had, but definitely not for my burgeoning music career.

It really is amazing how much music affects our lives.  Lots of people use music to help them get through a tough time.  Certain songs remind you of places and people, and somehow music seems to say more than just words can.  If you don’t believe me take a look at a few of the books on all aspects of music that we have in the library.

Piper is forced into a job managing a local band called Dumb.  Each new member of the band is a bigger cliche than the last and somehow she has to figure out how to get them a paying gig.  Her job would be a whole lot easier if only she knew if the band was any good….but that’s tough considering she’s deaf.

Teenage piano prodigy Glory is devoted to her instrument and spends her days practicing under the instruction of her father and piano teacher.  Its been just the two of them since Glory’s mother was killed in an accident.  Since then, their mission has been to make Glory a renowned pianist.  But when Frank moves in next door and steals some of Glory’s attention away from her studies things get tense.  But even in Europe on tour, Glory can’t forget Frank, even as it begins to affect her playing her relationship with her father and her sanity.  (Coming to more libraries soon)

Get great advice from rock stars of the past and the biggest artists performing today in this guide to everything from choosing an instrument, writing a song, learning to practice and win over fans at live shows. This guide is for anyone who has their sights set on rock stardom.

For any music fan who’s wondered why certain songs stick with them, remind them of another time, bring on strong emotions or just make you want to dance, check out this amazing and accessible book.   Its no surprise music is powerful and this book does a great job of explaining some of why that is.

Whether you plan to be the next classical music star, a singer songwriter, or you just like listening to music in your room, there is no denying that music is important and that it means something.  Each of these books show a different aspect of what music can do, but there is so much more.  The library has books about playing music, writing songs, and singing among many others.  We also have an amazing selection of music on CD and tons of live performances, documentaries and how to DVDs.  So make your way to the library and check out something new.


One Response

  1. This revie really makes me interested in reading these books.
    Mark, West End

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