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Just for fun: F in Exams

I found this humorous book about students that have provided funny, clever and just plain wrong answers to questions on tests and quizzes.  Have you ever done that?  If you didn’t know the answer, did you make something up?  Did you hope to at least get a chuckle from your teacher?

Here are a few sample questions and answers from F In Exams: The Very Best Wrong Test Answers  by Richard Benson. 

Q: Is the moon or the sun more important?

A: The moon gives us light at night when we need it.  The sun provides light in the day when we don’t.  Therefore, the moon is more important.  

Q: What does a transformer do?

A: It can go from being a robot to a sports car in three seconds.           

Q: Explain the meaning of the word ‘magma“.

A: Japanese Cartoons    

magma (Wikipedia)

Q: “Powerful aftershocks rocked the city, fires burned out of control, streets were full of debris and ruined buildings.  At least 30 people were injured.”  What type of natural disaster is being described in the report?

A: The end of American Idol. 

Q: Name six animals that live specifically in the Arctic.

A: Two Polar Bears
Three Four Seals

Arctic Fox - Thinkquest

There are tons more zany and crazy answers to exam and test questions in the book.  Pick one up @ your library!

~Marian, CLP-Mt. Washington

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