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Make your bed! – advice for procrastinators

I’m a world-class procrastinator. Always have been, always will. It was particularly bad in high school when my refusal alter my (late night) sleep schedule to fit the early morning demands of the school day crashed into my monumental denial of looming deadlines. And it didn’t get much better in college. Oh, how I wish I’d learned then the tricks that I found out later – ways to make myself want to start my work earlier. So I’m passing them on to you now, in hopes that they may help you.



vs. THIS.

Beds have nothing to do with how much work I get done! You may be thinking. Not directly, but having a bed that is made just makes a person feel better. I can’t really explain it, it just works.  Some theories include: a made bed does not invite you to take a nap in it for 3 hours. A made bed invites you to sit at your desk and get things done.  Making your bed is like signaling to your brain that you’re ready to be awake and doing things.

RULE #2: Don’t listen to yourself

It’s really easy to rationalize your way out of doing work. Oh, after you listen to this song on YouTube you will be revitalized and you’ll want to do your math.  And after you check Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr or after you clean your room like you’ve been meaning to do. Take the global corporation Nike’s advice and Just Do It.  Don’t think about doing work, just open your book.  Don’t worry about how your personal essay is going to sound and how perfect it has to be to get you into college. Just start writing stuff. You can edit it later.

RULE #3: Start Small

Don’t be paralyzed by the envisioned end product. Don’t think about how many questions you have to answer or how many subjects you have to cover or doing the bibliography RIGHT NOW. Focus on the first thing that needs to be done. Do that. Then move to the second thing.

Those are my 3 best kick starters for re-routing my natural tendency towards procrastination.  But if they don’t work for you, we have a bunch of books that can help. And to make it easy to put them on hold without procrastinating, they are all linked to their library catalog records.:

The procrastination equation : how to stop putting things off and start getting stuff done / Piers Steel.

Still procrastinating : the no-regrets guide to getting it done / Joseph R. Ferrari

End procrastination now! : get it done with a proven psychological approach / William Knaus

Eat that frog! : 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time / Brian Tracy

The war of art : break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles / Steven Pressfield

The procrastination workbook / William Knaus

-Tessa, CLP – East Liberty

photos by flickr users anjakb and duncan

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