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Revenge…sweet or sour?

Like Corey, I just saw The Avengers, and it’s got me thinking about what it means to avenge or revenge. Not just the literal differences; on a more basic level, revenge seems to be the more complicated of the two. More than avenging past discretion or administering justice, revenge can turn even “good guys” into “bad guys.” It often leads to a lot of murky gray area as far as good and evil are concerned.

Maybe that’s why I’m so intrigued.

Unfortunately (wait, no…fortunately!), we can’t all turn into the Hulk and smash whatever makes us mad, but we sure as heck can read about people who do–metaphorically or otherwise. Here are a few books I’m excited to read for a little vicarious revengeance.

What do you think…is revenge sweet or sour?

Love, Inc. by Yvonne Collins
Zahra’s getting a lot out of group therapy, although not quite what she expected. After her parents separated, Zahra was forced into going — and tangentially, into becoming friends with Kali and Syd, whose parents are splitting, too. The three girls share more than that. They soon realize that they’re all dating the same charming, but cheating guy. They serve up such successful payback that when they start a business to help other girls get back at their boyfriends, there’s enough revenge to go around.

Paper Towns by John Green
Q has loved Margo since what feels like the beginning of time, but they haven’t spoken since a traumatic incident as kids when they discovered a body of a local suicide. That was before Margo got cool.
When Margo breaks the silence to invite Q on an all-night binge of pranking and trash-talking, he doesn’t need to think twice. They settle score after score as masked avengers, but when Margo disappears in the morning, Q is left with a mystery about Margo, friendship, and love.

  Assassin’s Apprentice by S.R. Vaught

Aron’s family lives an ordinary life as farmers on the fringe of their dynast. Then Aron is chosen–or kidnapped–to become an assassin with the noble Stone Brothers. While he wrestles with danger, tragedy, and with other cruel apprentices during training, he must also wrestle with what his growing magical powers might mean, and how to say goodbye to all he’s ever known.

  Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook

As eighth grade came to a close, Lauren Wood framed her best friend Helen as the tattletale who outed the Senior Prank. In doing so, Lauren is catapulted into the ranks of the social elite and Helen’s world is so seriously wrecked that she leaves town. By Senior year, Lauren is captain of the cheerleading squad, the quarterback’s girlfriend, and the It Girl that her eighth-grade-self could only have dreamed about.

Helen, on the other hand, has had three years to obsess about the hell Lauren created for her. She’s coming back to town with a new name, a new look, and a plan to destroy everything Lauren loves.

-whitney, CLP – Main

p.s. These books are fun, but dealing with real anger, stress or revenge is more serious.

Don’t have time to visit your library branch or visit our e-resources? Check out our collection of web resources on violence and bullying and relationships.

*At least, they are in the movie. I still have to read the comics…no spoilers, please!

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