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OMG: The Amazing Spider-Man!

© 1941-2012 Marvel Characters, Inc.

I’m not gonna lie – I’ve stockpiled the bulk of my summer movie anticipation/excitement for a certain nocturnal hero who, they say, is going to rise.  That said, The Amazing Spider-Man, which opens today, has been something of a wild card for me ever since the first trailer was released way back when.  As a comic fan of the webhead, I’d had a hard time swallowing the prior theatrical entries.  Thus, I was relieved upon hearing the news of a reboot… for about five seconds… when I saw that said reboot was going to be sandwiched in between the behemoths: The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises!  ‘Seriously?  Poor Spidey’s gonna get eaten alive,’ I thought.  BUT(!), having seen some hard footage, I’m pretty confident that everyone’s favorite teen science geek turned wisecracking crime-fighter will hold his own this summer (the bridge and car thief scenes in the super preview…  A-MAZ-ING!)

© 1941-2012 Marvel Characters, Inc.

With a new cast, some fresh characters and what looks to be a legit CGI Lizard, The Amazing Spider-Man aims to present a more modern and realistic interpretation of this iconic mythos.  The inclusion of Gwen Stacy, Peter’s quest for info on his parents, and the hints that Peter’s dad is somehow mysteriously tied to Spidey’s abilities all point towards the Ultimate Spider-Man comics being a key influence on the new film.  So… gonna check it out?  I personally guarantee that it’ll be better than this.

Some Spidey Awesomeness:


Jon : CLP Carrick

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  1. I’ll always remember the disappointment of being a kid, hearing that a Spider-Man and Captain America movie had been made before my birth, and realizing that they were both really horrible. (The funky soundtrack for Spider-Man helps, though.)

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