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Teen Review: Adam Reads The Hunger Games and Asks ‘Book or Movie?’

Hi! I’m Adam, and despite being a senior at Central Catholic I try to find time to do anything and everything. I will read any kind of book I can get my hands on and even though my reading list is currently a million books long I will finish it someday. Maybe. If it weren’t for the fact that I add something new to it literally every day…

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Once in a while a man will try to sound smarter than he really is an roll out that age old question, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” This question is dated and useless (after all, we all know the DINOSAURS came first), especially to people of a younger disposition. We aren’t farmers- so we need something practical. So I propose the question: “which came first: the book or the movie?”

Right about now, a lot of you are probably pulling out your Captain Obvious hats and saying “but Adam! Of course the book came first, why else would they make the movie?” Then there is that small segment of you screaming about your movie novelizations and screenplays, claiming the opposite. These are, of course, valid points—if it weren’t for the fact they miss MY point altogether.

A few weeks ago I broke down to peer pressure (I’m not a good example, kids) and read the Hunger Games. Everyone had been telling me to, and I decided just to get it over with in a day or two. While I do admit it was an alright book (certainly not great, but don’t get me started), watching the movie a few days later made me realize that it was one of the few movie adaptations that I’ve ever seen that was better than the book. It made me wish I had (GASP) seen the movie before the book.

That’s where my question comes in: do you read the book first, or see the movie? That is, of course, if it even matters to you. I have a personal unwritten creed to always read the book before the movie—which is why I’m currently trudging through Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on a long trek to seeing Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman on the same screen—but I am sure that is a foreign concept to a lot of people.

I have a friend who has watched all seven Harry Potter films without reading a single book. To me, that is absolutely absurd, but it proves that there are indeed people out there who will watch the movie adaption of something first. So, faithful reader, how about you: the movie or the book (or are you some sort of savant who reads the book while watching the movie?!?)

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