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Teen Trivia Quiz

For this trivia quiz–all of the answers can be found in books located in the teen nonfiction section.

What are the school colors for William McKinley High School (Glee)?

a) blue and gold

b) red and white

c) red and blue

d) green and white

What is Finn Hudson’s football jersey number?

a)  7

b) 12

c) 16

d)  5

Which faculty member at William McKinley High School is the Glee Club Director?

a) Shannon Beiste

b) Will Schuester

c) Sue Sylvester

d) Emma Pillsbury

McKinley Thunderclap

How many districts make up the nation of Panem?

a) 16

b) 10

c)  9

d) 12

What district does Katniss come from?

a) Lumber (7)

b) Power (5)

c) Mining (12)

d) Agriculture (11)

Which of the following is not the name of one of the tributes?

a) Thrash

b) Rue

c) Peeta

d) Glimmer

What was Marvel’s weapon of choice?

a) knife

b) sword

c) spear

d) bow and arrow

Name the director of The Hunger Games:

a) Christopher Nolan

b) David Yates

c) Gary Ross

d) Jason Reitman

Who composed the haunting and memorable score for the Hunger Games?

a) John Williams

b) James Horner

c) Danny Elfman

d) James Newton Howard

In what state was The Hunger Games filmed in?

a) South Carolina

b) North Carolina

c) West Virginia

d) Virgina

Glee will be returning to the air on September 13, 2012.  The release of The Hunger Games on DVD is scheduled for August 18, 2012.


CLP–Mt. Washington

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