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Pittsburgh as Gotham as Pittsburgh

As a fan of most things Batman-related (Joel Schumacher irrevocably destroyed a small part of my soul in the mid to late 90’s), I recently dropped by one of the coolest places in Pittsburgh, the Toonseum, to check out one of their ongoing exhibits… “Pittsburgh as Gotham.”  If you’ve never been to the Toonseum, I definitely recommend making an end-of-summer-oh-no-school’s-coming-back pilgrimage – I mean, a museum of cartoons, comics, and animation… how can you go wrong?

The “Pittsburgh as Gotham” exhibit highlights the Burgh’s many ties to the Dark Knight which, if you don’t know, go way beyond just the Dark Knight Rises being filmed here.  Pittsburgh’s own Michael Keaton played Bruce Wayne/Batman in the first two Tim Burton movies, and Frank Gorshin (also from Pittsburgh) played the Riddler in the old school (BAM! KA-POW!) Adam West Batman TV show from the 60’s.  Apart from those guys, a whole bunch of artists from the area have worked on Batman comics over the years, and much of their artwork is on display.  The exhibit also features props from the newer Christopher Nolan movies (e.g. the cape and cowl, batarangs) that are on loan from Warner Brothers Studios.

“Pittsburgh as Gotham” will be on display until October 7th.  The Toonseum also has two other ongoing exhibits: “Pearls Before Swine:  The Art of Stephan Pastis” and “Care Bears: 30 Years of Caring…and Hugs” – who doesn’t love them some Care Bears?

Some choice Batman:


Jon : CLP Carrick

2 Responses

  1. I haven’t made it down yet! Anything about Mary Roberts Rinehart in the exhibit? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Roberts_Rinehart

  2. You know, now that you mention it, I don’t recall seeing anything.

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