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Werewolf or Teen Wolf?

So in the past two weeks or so, my sister and I have been descending, or nose-diving rather, into the hilariously wonderful, oft-angsty, world of the MTV supernatural/horror show, Teen Wolf.

For anyone who doesn’t watch, Teen Wolf stars your regular sad sack high school “loser,” Scott McCall, who is ill-advisedly wandering around a dark forest on the night of a full moon and is totally bitten by a werewolf.  Thus, he becomes the titular teen wolf.

Teen Wolf, Scott McCall by sambastian.tumblr.com

The show revolves around Scott’s hopeless misadventures trying to learn how to be a teen wolf and navigate the very dangerous, very mysterious supernatural world into which he’s stumbled.  Also, he’s crazy good at lacrosse now.  Yes, Lacrosse.

With the popularization of the supernatural in teen fiction and media, I’ve found it pretty refreshing to come across a show that is only about teenagers who are werewolves, not vampires, not fairies, not zombies or anything else that goes bump in the night.

Werewolf–in particular, teen wolf–stories can draw some interesting metaphors and parallels to the difficulties and changes that young people undergo during their teen years.  Think lots of extra hair and uncontrollable feeeelings.

If you’re a fan of werewolves, teen wolves, or are interested in learning more, here’s some stories to start you off:




But what makes a werewolf a werewolf and a teen wolf a teen wolf?  Is it the lacrosse?  The locker room confrontations?  Hopelessly confused flailing?  Are the characters in the books listed above just werewolves or are they teen wolves too?  You decide.

-Morgan, Main – Teen

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