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Your Literary Diagnosis

Many people have a ritual for when they’re sick. For some, it’s whimpering until Mom brings hot soup and Gatorade. When I was a teen, my ritual was to marathon Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Jane Eyre (don’t judge). Nowadays, I turn to a scalding hot bath, 30 Rock, and some junk food – because darn it, I want my last hours to be happy ones full of ice cream.

Have you noticed that sickness is a YA trend right now? I’m no doctor, but your literary diagnosis follows:

Does your sick ritual involve a lot of running, hiding, and avoiding the truth by saying things like “pain is weakness leaving the body?” Try a dystopia featuring an epidemic:

If not, stick with your old friend, realism, who is more likely to bring you tissues and rub your back when you spontaneously burst into tears because it’s all just too much (just me? okay).

But stay healthy this school year! If you’ve got a lot on your plate, remember that too much stress contributes to your body’s ability to fight off bugs. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and sick, don’t cross self-care off of your to-do list.

Check out our health web resources. There are places to go for affordable healthcare. And after you’ve done all that – take a break. Even if I’m no doctor, I know you probably deserve it.

Whitney, Main – Teen

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