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Go Crazy with Duct Tape

We just got this new book at the library, Go Crazy with Duct Tape by Patti Wallenfang and it made me go CRAZY for Duct tape.  Not only was I filled to the brim with duct tape crafting ideas, but I needed to know everything that I could about duct tape.  I know that I am not the only one that thought it was actually called DUCK Tape.  Lots of people called it that.

Duck Tape

As a matter of fact, ShurTech Brands, LLC, a company in Avon Ohio has trademarked the term.  So, you can call it duct tape, but if you call it Duck Tape®, don’t forget the registered trademark symbol.  Duct tape does have a long history.  According to Joe Wilson, author of DuctigamiThe Art of the Tape, duct tape was developed by a division of Johnson and Johnson Co during World War II.  The military needed a strong mending material that was waterproof and tearable by hand.  Of course, this tape was drab olive-green in color.  The post-war housing boom brought a new use for the tape:  connective material for the ductwork in the new houses.   The color was changed to sheet-metal gray and the name duct tape was born. Now, duct tape has entered the fields of crafting and fashion, so color, lots of colors and patterns are in demand.

You can make things using duct tape:

You can decorate things using duct type.

  • Boots
  • Bracelets
  • Computer Cases
  • Sunglasses

Go Crazy with Duct Tape

You can find a ton of instructional videos on You Tube.  Here is a tutorial for making duct tape bracelets:

I can barely wait for Halloween.  Duct tape is the perfect material for making decorations and costumes.  More about that in my next post.


CLP–Mt. Washington

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  1. […] This site shared the idea of sprucing up ANYTHING with Duct Tape for a new look, cases, book covers, laptops, and even boots.  Ideas for sprucing up from CLP Teens Burgh […]

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