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Teen Review: Something Wicked this Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

Hi!  I’m Anastasia.  I’m a senior at Carrick High School, and I volunteer at the Carrick Library.

Although Ray Bradbury’s novels are among the harder books for me to read, due to their highly detailed visual descriptions, none of his novels have failed to impress.  Something Wicked revolves around two thirteen year old boys, Will and Jim, and their fight to stop a less than innocent carnival which pulls into town not long before Halloween. Although what the carnival does isn’t described in detail, it doesn’t take one long to realize that the main villain, Mr. Dark, deserves his sinister name. People from town are abducted and no one questions it, there is a carousel that holds a peculiar power, freaks which have supernatural abilities, and a mirror maze that seems to be something from everyone’s nightmares.

The novel has a strong theme of Good versus Evil, which is explained by none other than Will’s father, the town library’s janitor. He may be wordy at parts, which sometimes makes the dialogue a bore, but the meaning of what he says is as dramatic as the counters Mr. Dark replies with.  The novel relies heavily on suspense, as one is never sure who exactly will prevail. At times Will and his father seem to be in control, but in the next moment the ever-angst filled Jim almost decides to join the ‘Darkside’.  By the end of the novel, Bradbury gives you enough doubt to believe that Mr. Dark and his carnival crew might just prevail, and more than once in the novel they do. Also worth mentioning is the movie that was made based on the book; although it edits many details and changes the ending, it is an incredibly dark Disney movie which was surprising to see and worth watching – after one reads the book.

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  1. One of my all-time favorites. Thanks for the great review, Anastasia.

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