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Blind Date: find something special

First dates are like Halloween Costumes. Sometimes, they’re scary. Sometimes they’re weird. And sometimes they’re awesomely weird. When you go on a date, you take that chance.

And blind dates? Like a trick-or-treater wearing a mask, you often have no idea what’s going to happen–what their story will be, what they will look like, or how their voice will sound.

Today, I’m setting you up with someone new: each of the photos below is linked to a library item that I think you might like. And if some of them surprise you, let me remind you of the time you fell – or the time you still might fall – for someone who blew your expectations of who they would be based on their clothes or their dust jacket.

Are you a discerning dater who will only click on the photos that match your list of specs? Or are you inclined to always say yes to a first date, knowing that you can politely back out (or run away!) if the first chapter isn’t quite what you had in mind?


Superheroes washing windows at the Children’s Hospital! Pittsburgh rules.

Let me know if your date goes well … or if you never, ever ever want to see them again. If it’s the latter, and you don’t want to talk to me for a while, I’ll understand.

But after that, come see us at the library! We’ll help you find you someonething special.

Whitney, CLP – Main

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