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Music Blog Breakdown

Some folks take a passive approach  to finding new music…
It can be as simple as turning on the radio.
Others take a more active role…
I think it’s fun learning about new music or “new to me” music, but even I admit that there are times when all the reading and listening start to feel like a full time job.   So, what are your options?  Scale back and allow the music to come to you?  Or make the time you spend focusing on new music count for more?
I’m no good at sitting back and waiting so I take the second approach, and the very best way I know to get good info in a short time is through the hundreds of Indie Music Blogs out there.
Now you’re saying, “hundreds of blogs”  how’s that supposed to help me save time?
Well you don’t have to read each and every blog.  I’ve helpfully compiled a list of some of the most respected blogs out there.

Check a few out next time you’re itching for something new to listen to.
Aquarium Drunkard
Started by Justin Gage, this indie blog features reviews, interviews and lots of great footage and samples.  AD covers a wide swath, jumping all over the pop/rock map and throwing in funk, soul, country and jazz to keep things interesting.  Gage isn’t satisfied to stick with modern music makers either.  He mines the depths of of musical history to introduce or remind readers of tons of long-lost or forgotten musicians.  Listen to Aquarium Drunkard’s radio show on satellite radio via a free trial.

Potholes In My Blog
A knowledgeable staff generates the content for this blog.  Along with your typical album reviews and news these guys churn out a podcast every few weeks along with tons of feature content.  They cover a wide territory but there’s no doubt that the emphasis of this blog is in the hip hop and rap world.  One of my favorite features, called vinyl gazing  takes a look back at an older record released on vinyl and what implications it’s had to modern music. 

These guys consider themselves a music webzine.  The UK based site includes indie rock reviews and interviews with a nice balance of new and old artists to consider.  Like many music review sources they also offer lots of content for your listening enjoyment as well as occasional compilations.

Pigeons & Planes
Pigeons & Planes generates tons of content.  From indie hip hop and rock, to huge pop stars they cover it all with reviews and news.  My favorite part of this blog are the often humorous features…See their compilation  “The Best and Worst of Dubstep Beatboxing”.

The Needle Drop
Last but not least The Needle Drop is the quirky creation of Anthony Fantano, the above mentioned busiest music nerd.  Check out TND for thorough video reviews of music across the spectrum with an emphasis on punk, metal and rock.  Don’t forget his NPR affiliated pod cast streamable from the website.

Now its your turn…where do you get your new music fix?  Leave your suggestions in the comments.


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