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The presidential election may have been decided several weeks ago, but it seems like the infotainment industry has yet to get message.  Thomas Jefferson (probably) said that “[a]n educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people”- or at least something close to that.   If I didn’t agree with that sentiment, I would be very out of place here at the library where I work.  Yet, after months (actually, YEARS) of enduring the obsessive reporting of every candidate’s missteps, embarrassing utterances, and absurd accusations, I just don’t feel like being a responsible and informed citizen anymore.  My heart and my brain needs a break.  This election has dominated the thoughts, discussions, and attention of myself and so many others for far too long.  But now the time has come to cast aside partisanship and politics.  We must come together and immerse ourselves in the world of cute- something we can surely all agree on.  Let me be your leader.

Cute Overload

This amazing site claims to scour the internet and deliver only the crème de la crème of cuteness!  If you fancy yourself as a connoisseur of cute, Cute Overload is the one-stop site for you.

The Daily Otter

In a world brimming with adorable animal species, the sea otter is a definite stand out.  Even if you can’t spend everyday visiting the adorable baby otter pup that lives at the Pittsburgh Zoo, you can still get your cute otter fix everyday on The Daily Otter.

Kitten Cam

Static pictures not enough for you?  How about 24 hours, 365 days a year of live streaming cuteness?!?  But be warned: you are entering a whole new level of time suckage.

Cat Bounce!

Do you find yourself drawn to the cute AND irreverent?  Then look no further than Cat Bounce – a world dominated by cats… bouncing… forever…..


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  1. Hipster Puppies looks awesome!

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