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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: Thankful for TEENS LIKE YOU!

Thanksgiving, as with most American myths, has a complicated and troubling origin. Nonetheless, the prevailing theme of gratitude is one that has all kinds of benefits and is worth practicing.

As a result, as teen librarians, we decided to give thanks today… for you. So here are quotes by librarians from all around the city about how much we are thankful for your contributions to our lives and libraries!

Often, I recall all the ways in which I struggled as a teen. I can remember vividly how much I appreciated my high school librarian and the fact that she talked to me as if I was a person – not just a kid. I am thankful to be able to come to work every day and support library staff who fulfill the same need for teens all over Allegheny County. ~LeeAnn, Teen Services Coordinator

I am thankful for NEVER being bored. ~Annica, West End

I’m thankful for teens who push me to read new stuff, and in turn are curious about what I’m reading. (and flattered that one asked me if I was secretly a teenager). It helps me pay more attention to what I read so I can describe it to them, and gives me fun new reading experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise have. ~Tessa, East Liberty

I am thankful that we have kind, funny and generous teens who visit the library after school. There’s nothing better than hearing about their school days and having them ask how I am too. I’m grateful to be a part—even a small part—of their lives. ~Erin, Allegheny

I am thankful for all the teens I have met in the past month. You have made me feel welcome in my new position and I appreciate all the helpful feedback you have given me. ~Miss Lauren, Woods Run

I am thankful to be able to get teens excited about reading every day! ~Maddie, Squirrel Hill

I’m thankful for all my new friends that come geek out in The Labs! ~Andre, The Labs @ CLP

Oh no, I hope I’m not too late! I’m thankful that The Labs attracts some of the coolest teens with the best senses of humor. Whether they’re wry or just plain silly, teens make everything a little bit funnier. ~Molly, The Labs @ CLP

I love serving teens because they are unpredictable and in their own way thankful we are here for them! I have a Kindle Fire book club with a partnership through Duquesne University. They meet for the four Mondays in November. This past Monday, only 2 of the 10 initial participants showed up for it. One teen didn’t want to go in the room by himself until I told him that he would have the coordinators undivided attention and also, he could eat most of the pizza! I thought he was going to take the hinges off the door to get in the room! Got to love them! ~Andrea, Hill District

I’m thankful that I get to hang out with really cool young people on a regular basis since it helps me stay just hip enough to have self-respect. ~J.J., Beechview

I am thankful that I get to work with teens as they are figuring out the world around them, what their place is in it, and what they want their place to be in it! ~Kelly, Main

I’m thankful to serve teens who have better taste than I do, who are thoughtful and articulate and excited about making the world a kinder, more fun place to live. ~Whitney, Main

I’m thankful I get to work with teens who regularly blow my mind with their epic ideas & thoughts. Hanging out with such inquisitively creative people is constantly inspiring & life-affirming. ~Maggie, Carrick

So thank you, teens of Pittsburgh, for being so curious, opinionated, delightful, inspiring, reluctant, vivacious, in-your-face, shy, thoughtful, confused, clumsy, and all the other unique characteristics that make you your own awesome you! It’s an exhausting honor to serve you.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main

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