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The Daemon Chair of Carrick

In the cursed early evening of December 7th, just as a gibbous moon was dawning overhead and unwitting Carrick Library staff were busily going about their closing duties for the day, ancient star patterns were aligning in the bruised sky forming eldritch constellations hinting that the laws of time and physics were about to momentarily part ways with logic – ushering in an unholy visitor to this world.  Through their disbelief and mild shock, those staff members present recounted how, upon locking the glass doors of the Library, the sidewalk in front of the building had been clear.  Then, seemingly, in an instant, a darkened figure lay; its sprawling, hideous shadow branching towards the entrance in the transitional moonlight like scary fingers reaching…

Possessing subtle yet exceptionally powerful abilities in persuasion and hypnotic suggestion, this four-legged interstellar traveler was able to easily gain shelter in the Library.  It has since, likewise, exhibited a preternatural ability in avoiding removal from the premises, having survived being left for the taking on the curb (despite being solid and structurally sound) and the Library’s weekly trash removal.  Despite these menacing mutant abilities, it is the Daemon Chair’s eerie silence and somewhat intrusive presence (both of which boldly underline the almost certain sinister nature of its mysterious materialization) that have proven most unnerving.  Where did it come from?  What sort of convoluted evil is it hatching?

Using its aforementioned subliminally persuasive abilities, the Daemon Chair has influenced Teen Think (Carrick’s Teen Advisory Group) to begin writing and producing a horror film about and starring the wooden abomination.  Does its plan for global domination commence with an A-list, red carpet career???  Does anyone want/need a chair????

TEEN + Mystery =


Jon : Carrick

3 Responses

  1. beware the chairpocalypse!

  2. My God…the horror! Surely the mythos holds some clue to the unspeakable origin of this ghastly guest.

  3. […] of the blog may recall the story of a certain peculiar chair that crept its way into CLP-Carrick eight months ago. Back in the wintry darkness of December, the […]

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