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Teen Review: Kira Kira by Cynthia Kadohata

Samantha - teen bloggerSamantha – Hi! I’m a 6th grader and really excited to be blogging. I LOVE to read and write so I’m most likely going to have a lot of posts. I’ll give you the most honest reviews possible. I hope you read them!

Kira Kira by Cynthia Kadohata

kira kirajavascript:;In your life, have you ever had someone who just understands you? Someone who you can just tell everything and they will listen? In this story, a girl named Katie Takeshima has a person like that; it’s her sister. Her sister Lynn taught her to look at everything and find how it is kira-kira (Japanese for glittering), she taught her how to look at everything and find its magnificence. Lynn was practically Katie’s role model, (as older siblings mostly are); Katie did what Lynn did, agreed to what Lynn agreed etc., etc. As the girls got older, they moved to Georgia. They didn’t fit in; they were one of the only Japanese families in the town. Lynn made friends while Katie didn’t. Lynn got too busy for Katie; Katie was never busy enough for Lynn. The two drifted apart. One day Lynn got sick, and there was no going back to their lives before.

I loved this book because it explained the bond of two sisters, a bond that could not be broken. Throughout the course of the book, I felt myself relating to some of the characters. I felt like I could relate because this book is about other things too, like fitting in, financial troubles and new siblings. Overall, those problems are the problems that the majority of us have to deal with every day.  

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