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Teen Review: I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

cody stokes

Yo, I’m Cody . I am a senior at Career Connections Charter High School in Lawrenceville. I intern three days a week for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; I intern at the Downtown & Business branch and at the Lawrenceville branch. I like to chill with friends, take naps and play video games.

I Am Legend- Richard Matheson

i_am_legend (1)

You have probably seen or heard about the movie “I Am Legend”, which was released in 2007. It is the s

tory of Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, the last man on earth. But did you know that this was not the first incarnation of this story? There have been many books and movies based on or inspired by the story of Robert Neville.
“I Am Legend” was originally a novel written by the American author Richard Matheson, and published in 1954. The basic plot of the novel is very similar to the film; a plague has over taken the world, Robert Neville is immune and apparently the last man on earth, he spends his days researching the disease which turns its victims into monsters. However, one major difference between the film and the novel is that in the novel the victims of the plague are turned into vampire like creatures, not monstrous mutant zombies.
The first film adaption was “The Last Man on Earth”. It was released in 1964 and starred Vincent Price as the protagonist. The screenplay for this adaption was written by Richard Matheson, the original author, and most closely resembles the story of the novel.
The second film adaption was released in 1971 as “The Omega Man” and starred Charlton Heston.
“I Am Legend” with Will Smith was the third film adaption. Although a direct to video movie was also released in the same year. The direct to video release, “I Am Omega” deviates from the story in several ways and gives no credit to Matheson.
In addition to film, a graphic novel titled “Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend” by Steve Niles was released.
All of these Films and novels are available through the Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh
The direct to video release “I Am Omega” can be found in “The midnight horror collection: 8 movie pack”
Cody Stokes

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