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Personal Time Capsules: Saving Memories

I recently found the diary that I kept in 8th grade.  When I read it, now years later, a few remarkable things happened as I was reading:

  1. I remembered many of the events that I wrote about as if they had just happened–time had vanished!
  2. I still really like some of the same things that I liked at that time.
  3. I don’t like all of the things that I liked as a teenager–some of my tastes and interests have changed.
  4. I still hate some of the same things too!  Like mushrooms!

What would you keep in a personal time capsule or write about in a journal or diary for your future self to discover and remember in 5, 10 or more years from now?  Would you keep it private or share it via social media sites like  Facebook or Tumblr?

  • Your favorite foods
  • The best songs of the year
  • The best book you read this year
  • The best book you ever read
  • The games that you love to play or watch
  • The friends that mean the most to you

In the vein of an actual physical time capsule, you might want to start with a vacation memory jar.  I first discovered this idea while exploring the book Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts For Kids.  Using postcards and other small mementos, you can save your vacation memories in a jar.

Martha Stewart Vacation Memory Jars

Martha Stewart Vacation Memory Jars

To make a personal time capsule, you just need some kind of container that can be sealed.  Even a box will do.  So what should you put into your time capsule?  Anything you want!  I would include ticket stubs from concerts or movies, a letter to my future self, photos of my friends, a list of my favorite songs, and maybe some trinkets from football games, vacation or other events.  Maybe I would include a list of my favorite websites.  It would be interesting to see which ones are still around in 5 or 10 years.

If you are feeling ambitious about learning more about time capsules, the Daddy of all time capsule collectors was Andy Warhol,

I used to hate the color purple.  Now, I love it!  However, green is still my favorite color.



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