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A Clone of a Different Color

In grand tradition, and because I only have so many tricks up my sleeve, today’s blog post is inspired by a TV show I recently binge-watched.


You may have heard of this little show, Orphan Black, which is a BBC America Original series, a critical hit, and the darling of this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

If you haven’t, you pretty much need to check it out immediately.

(Fair warning for spoiler-phobes, below be mild spoilers–but only so I can tell you how awesome this show is!)

The pilot episode introduces us to Sarah Manning, an erstwhile criminal and con-woman, who’s back in town to reunite with her young daughter.  Before she can make it home, however, she witnesses a woman who looks exactly like her jump in front of a subway train.


Looking for a quick cash in on her successful doppelganger’s life, Sarah takes her identity and then things get crazy.

Crazy how, do you ask?

Crazy with CLONES.

Tatiana Maslany gives powerhouse performances for all of the SEVEN distinctly different characters that she plays on this show.  It is crazy and amazing.  There are a lot of mysteries to the plot and as everything is slowly revealed, and more characters are let in on each others secrets, you can see how rich and layered the plot is in addition to the fantastic characters.  Can you tell I love me this show?

Season 1 is out now on DVD and season 2 is slated to air next April.

So while you’re waiting on the hold list to get your hands on a library copy of the DVDs and then while you’re waiting for next April to roll around, get your clone fix with these sweet science fiction novels:



Happy watching/reading!

-Morgan, Main – Teen

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