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Attack of the Delicious Tomatoes

I don’t know about you guys, but I am up to my eye balls in tomatoes.  My four, small tomato plants have yielded so many tomatoes, that it is almost humanly impossible for me to eat them all.  And I’m afraid if I don’t find someway to eat them all, they might conspire against me and I’ll be the one that ends up getting devoured!   So, I’ve been on the hunt for easy and delicious recipes that will allow me to use every last, freaking tomato.  Below are a few of my favorite tomato recipes and a couple delectable suggestions from my co-workers- amazing Teen Librarians and Teen Specialists at CLP Main- Teen.  Don’t let the simplicity of these recipes fool you- these dishes will have everyone begging for seconds.  Oh, and few of them don’t even require cooking!

tomato sandwich

I’d be lying if I said that no tomatoes were harmed in the making and eating of this sandwich.

Abby’s Tomato Sandwich

  • Toast two pieces of bread.
  • Spread a bit of mayo on the toast.
  • Slice a ripe heirloom tomato and place the slices on your toast.
  • Add a bit of salt and pepper.

Joseph’s Vegan “Caprese” Salad

  • Cut firm tofu – drained and pressed – into squares.
  • Slice tomatoes.
  • Assemble tofu squares and tomatoes with fresh, washed basil leaves.
  • Top with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Morgan’s Sliced Polenta and Tomatoes

  • Cook garlic and shallot or red/yellow onion in a large pan until soft.
  • Add chopped fresh basil, salt, pepper, and diced roma tomatoes.
  • Cook on medium for a few minutes and then move off to one side of the pan to simmer.
  • Place polenta slices on the the other side of the pan.
  • Salt and pepper the polenta and cook on each side for a few minutes or until it is golden yellow.

Abby’s Caprese Pasta Salad

  • Boil a pot of pasta and drain.
  • Toss pasta lightly with olive oil.
  • Add halved cherry tomatoes, chopped basil, and fresh mozzarella balls.
  • Top with salt and pepper.
  • Add sauteed garlic if you desire!

Don’t have your own tomato plant at home?  Stop by one of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s gardens, check in with a staff member, and grab a few of ours for yourself!

Looking for more delicious recipes?

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