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Declassified Information: Area 51 On the Map


And now for an update on Area 51, the mysterious government facility in the Nevada desert whose top-secret status has inspired wild speculation since the 1950’s. Frequent UFO sightings in the area + suspiciously intense secrecy about the site have prompted conspiracy theorists to suggest all sorts of weird things that the government might be hiding there– dead alien bodies, Roswell spaceship wreckage, and devices for time travel and teleportation, to name a few.

Until last week, the government had never officially acknowledged that the place even exists. But now the public has been granted full access to declassified documents in which the CIA openly identifies Area 51 on a map. According to the specifics revealed in the report, Area 51 was used to test-fly stealthy spy planes during the Cold War era. The awesomely vertical ascents and super-high altitudes of these planes probably launched a LOT of UFO speculation– anyone hanging out in the desert when these test flights were underway might have misinterpreted what they saw.

The report does not include any admissions about alien autopsies or spaceship crashes, but it also makes no mention of what’s been happening at Area 51 since 1974. That’s almost 40 years worth of information that’s still under wraps. With the hyper hush-hush attitude that has surrounded the site for all these years, it’s hard to believe the speculation will end here.

You can view the actual document online, thanks to the National Security Archive at George Washington University. It’s more than 400 pages long, but pretty cool to poke through formerly top-secret info. And whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, the library’s got you covered when it comes to facts AND fiction about UFOs and extraterrestrial life:

alienhuntersThe 5th Wave






UFOs and Aliens

-Maggie, CLP- Carrick

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