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All things creepy…

if you haven’t noticed yet, today is Friday the 13th!  It has been fourteen months since the last time a Friday fell on the 13th day of the month, which some believe, is a very unlucky combination. The irrational fear that this day brings bad luck is called paraskevidekatriaphobiaCountless studies have proven that Friday the 13th isn’t really bad luck at all, but some folks still believe in the superstition!

When I think of Friday the 13th, I think of bad luck, horror movies, and overall creepiness! Sometimes just looking at a book cover can give you goosebumps. Below are some of the creepiest covers that actually have an awesome story to back it up! Click on the book to read a description and order a copy today!


rot & ruin

cryers cross


the road of the dead

anna dressed in blood

And my personal favorite!

scary stories to tell in the dark

What is your favorite scary book cover?

-Michael @ CLP Hazelwood

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  1. […] Several of the superstitions have been covered by other posts on CLP Teensburgh: Black Cats and Broken Mirrors, How Will You Celebrate Friday The 13th? Beware Friday the 13th All things creepy… […]

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