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Holiday Helpers…How to Make Your Gifts This Year.

Well there’s just no getting around it…”the holidays” are here.  Doing something nice for the people you care about is important year round.  But this time of year, whatever holiday you’re celebrating, gift giving is in full force. Because we all find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, the stress on money and time can build.  In truth though, the best presents are those you’ve put your heart into…that’s why making presents can be the best way to warm your family’s hearts.

Resources like Pinterest and the many Maker and DIY blogs online can help.  This holiday season in my house we’re making candles, to give to our family members when they visit for Christmas dinner.   I’ll be using a variety of sources online to get my recipe and supplies.  If making your own candles seems too ambitious there’s plenty you can do.  I’m also planning a decorative centerpiece made of candles I all ready have and cinnamon sticks I found in bulk at an ethnic grocery in my neighborhood.


I also love this simple craft idea.  It’s great for boys or girls costs just a few dollars and ensures your loved one has and extra pair of warm winter gloves.


If you’re looking for a playful, fun gift check out these awesome marshmallow shooters you can make for under $5. Don’t forget your eye protection, (for safety).


Or if you’d like a little more guidance and instruction than a blog can provide I highly recommend you find your way to CLP Teen, Main’s Broke Holidaze Art Club.

This Wednesday they’ll be serving up the supplies and direction to make Buttons, Stickers and Glitter ornaments, but it doesn’t end there! Over the next few Wednesdays there’ll be sessions on felt hand-warmers, wrapping paper, homemade Saltine toffee and paper gift boxes!

I dare you to have more fun while holiday “shopping”.

Brooke-CLP, South Side

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