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Teen bloggers:


Hi my name is Abryana, I am 13 years old and I go to the west end library in Pittsburgh. I love anime and manga, and I want to share it to you:)

Hi! I’m Adam, and despite being a senior at Central Catholic I try to find time to do anything and everything. I will read any kind of book I can get my hands on and even though my reading list is currently a million books long I will finish it someday. Maybe. If it weren’t for the fact that I add something new to it literally every day…

adiaHi! My name is Adia Augustin, and I am in 11th grade at North Allegheny Senior High School. I really enjoy reading, and I have two cats.

Hi! I’m Caroline. I’m 17 and a senior at Oakland Catholic. My favorite letter is probably F because it is the first letter of many of my favorite things; for instance: fencing, friends, and Frankenstein. (Best book ever!) I’m somewhat of a grammar freak and an anglophile and I like to fool around with crafts when I get the time. I also like to try to harmonize with songs on the radio. Enjoy my reviews!

cody stokesI’m Cody . I am a senior at Career Connections Charter High School in Lawrenceville. I intern three days a week for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; I intern at the Downtown & Business branch and at the Lawrenceville branch. I like to chill with friends, take naps and play video games.

dalya better

Hi! I’m Dalya. I’m in sixth grade. I love to read and write. I have a habit of reading a book a day, so it seems only natural that I blog about them. I also love to ride horses (I have my own horse).

Hi my name’s Dorina. I’m a freshman and trying to expand my writing skill by blogging. I love to do a lot of stuff like playing volleyball and watching movies. Reading books and listening to music are some of my other hobbies! Hopefully my writing can help you find an awesome book to read one day!

Fatimia blog photoHey, my name is Fatemia but i prefer to be called Temia. I am from Rochester NY. I love sports except hockey my favorite sport is track. I go to school at Pittsburgh Brashear High school. I love to read and write. I’m 15 years old and determined to finish High school. I love to go to the library to spare my time. When i finish high school i want to go to college to become a prosecutor.

Hey! I’m Goda, a high school junior who loves photography and, of course, reading. I also enjoy acoustic music, and I hope my insights help you find your next favorite book!

Henry -Since I was born 16 years ago, my biggest claim to fame has been winning the state geography bee in 2009. I run cross country and track for Seton-La Salle High School. I play trombone in the school’s marching band and am a member of the Mock Trial and Academic Games teams. I like to read the Greeks and Romans, and I love opera.

My name is Isaiah. I’m gonna be reviewing all kinds of books, comics, manga , and CDs. I go to CAPA for theatre, and I guess that’s okay. I do a lot of music stuff outside of school. I play bass and do some rapping too. I rap with a group sometimes, others I’ll just use beats, which is always cool too. If you’re interested in any of that you can go here to check out show dates and stuff. That’s about it. Also, I’m always up for any review recommendations, so if there’s anything you want me to review, just let me know and I’ll check it out.

My name is Jayne. I’m fifteen. I go to CAPA for Visual Arts, but I love to write so much more. Creative writing has been apart of my life for so long now; I feel lost without it. I’m obsessed with everything British, Beatles, Tim Burton movies, and Harry Potter. Oh and cats! I hope you love what I review and I hope you comment and tell me what I could do better. Anyway, thanks for reading!

Hi, my name is Jenna and I am a senior at West Mifflin Area High School. I volunteer at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Main. No matter where I am, you will probably see a book in my hand. I hope you enjoy my book reviews! 🙂


Hi! My name is Jessica and I am a literary artist at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12. I am currently in 11th grade and my favorite type of writing is poetry, although fiction comes in as a close second. I like to think that I’m a professional friendship bracelet maker and I also enjoy knitting. I enjoy reading very much and find myself to be most content when I am curled up with a book and a cup of tea.

My name is Joshua, I attend Obama 6-12 where I will be a sophmore this year. Me and my afro greatly enjoy playing magicthegathering, reading, playing soccer, fencing, doing my school’s musical and hanging out with my friends. I know how to speak some Spanish (Hola hermosa, come estas?), can pretend to speak some Swedish (jog ticker om du), am learning some American Sign Language (…), and am hoping to learn some Thai.

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m going into 7th grade at St. Raphael’s Catholic School. I am an honor student always getting straight A’s. I’m kind of a nerd. I am an avid reader; I read at least a book a day and I read lots of books on online websites. I also love playing basketball. I love to swim, ice-skate, and play soccer. I love my friends and family and couldn’t live without them. I hope you enjoy my blog posts and reviews.

I’m Kristen and I am going to be going to high school next the fall of 2012 and I’m 14. No matter where I am, I am almost always reading and writing stories. If you ask any of my family members and they will tell you im a Read-a-holic. My favorite things include the color purple, music , books, and art.

My name’s Leo. I’m a tenth grader at Pittsburgh Obama Academy 6-12 (Also known as IB High and formerly Schenley). I’m a genderqueer lesbian mentally ill writer. I’ll be reviewing books, with occasional graphic novels and music — I mostly read fantasy and horror, and listen to various forms of rock.

Hi! My name is Lucy and I’m in middle school at Winchester Thurston School. Besides reading I like to play tennis, dance, and draw. I love cats, I’m very creative and do a lot of crafts with my hands. I am an avid reader and read about 20-100 pages a day. If you like what I read, you probably like Harry Potter.

Maddy – I’m a 13 year old girl heading to Taylor Allderdice High School in the Fall, and I’m Pittsburgh born and raised. Writing has been a huge interest of mine since I was 6 years old. I’m just an enthusiastic teenager with lots of free time on her hands and a passion for literature, romantic poems, and indie music. I tend to read and write excessively and play the guitar and piano amateurishly. When I want to, I can read a book in a day and I can’t put it down.

Hey readers! I’m Neeloy Chakraborty and I’m an 8th grader at Science and Technology. I just love reading mystery books and Sci-fi. We do have to do a lot in my school, so whenever I have the time, I read. I also have an interest in Lego robotics so I want to become a robotics engineer when I grow up. I hope you enjoy reading my book reviews.

Hi! My name is Noori, and I am going to be a senior at The Ellis School. I live near the middle of nowhere, my taste in music is a tad on the eccentric side, I love photography, I’m absolutely obsessed with the 1920′s, I love to read poetry and also really wish that I had the talent actually write some, I love shopping, and I do not have any pets, though I would love to have a cat! I have always loved to read, & I read as many different types of books as possible, although my favorites are mostly classics. One of my favorite authors, F. Scott Fitzgerald, once said, ““That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”, and I could not agree more. Reading is more than a hobby for me – it is a passion. It’s endless entertainment, and it is always engaging.

serenaHi! My name’s Serena, I’m a 7th grader, and I practically live at the library. Some of my favorite things are writing poems, playing soccer, dark chocolate, realistic fiction books, the band One Direction, and my insanely awesome friends. Enjoy!


Samantha – Hi! I’m a 6th grader and really excited to be blogging. I LOVE to read and write so I’m most likely going to have a lot of posts. I’ll give you the most honest reviews possible. I hope you read them!

shirleyMy name is Shirley Ann. I am currently in 10th grade at Wesley Spectrum Academy. My favorite color is purple and my favorite summer song is Surfs Up from the movie Teen Beach Movie. The shows I love to watch on ABC family are: Twisted,Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, and Switch At Birth. I will be 16 in the Fall.

tawny photoTawnya – Hi, I’m sixteen and currently attending cyber school as a sophomore for the first time. I like to try new things and express myself in creative ways. Writing is something I’ve always loved to do in school, and i adore reading, so this volunteer opportunity was a calling for me. It’s great to meet new people, and I’m glad to share a little bit about myself. I’ll be giving you the most honest reviews I can, and i hope you can trust my opinion. My friends tend to call me a bookworm, but you can call me Tawnya 🙂

Hello, my name is Wei. (Before we go further, it’s important for you to know that it’s pronounced like “WAY.” I mean, how awkward would it be if you came up to me & called me “WEE”?) I’m a senior, a vegetarian, I read ALL THE TIME, I can lick my elbow, and I believe I am searching for a “Great Perhaps.”


Amy Tooley is the Youth Services Librarian at CLP – Lawrenceville. In her “free time”, she loves to cook vegan fare, read disturbing memoirs, and hike with her dog, Eve Monster. Originally from Washington (the state), she recently learned what a gumband was.

Brooke Askew is the Teen Librarian Carnegie Library, South Side. On top of listening to lots of YA audio books in the car, she enjoys, plotting, planning, knitting, gardening, quilting, cooking, baking, and learning guitar. Wedged in between hobbies, side projects and plans to make all the things she also helps run a small business and spends time relaxing with a variety of pets and people.

Corey Wittig is Digital Learning Librarian for Teen Services. He’s helping create The Labs @ CLP, a digital media lab program for teenagers across the city of Pittsburgh. He also looks after the blog, CLP_Teens Twitter account, the CLP-Teens website, and the CLP-Teen Facebook page. He is fond of mopey British music, soul, jangly guitars, stationery, riding his bike, gardening, and vintage scooters.

Jim Carney is a Children’s and Teen Librarian at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Sheraden. He does all the stereotype librarian things like wearing glasses, reading all the time, and wearing cardigan sweaters throughout the winter months. He loves Mexican food and likes to watch sports, especially the Bills and Sabres since he grew up in Buffalo.

Jon was born without an ‘H’. Aside from art-ing out with the teens at CLP Carrick, he’s a fan of all things extraordinary, DIY, and cruelty-free. Antarctica, Halloween, and convenient parking are some of his lingering obsessions. Ask him about old Italian horror films at your own risk.

Joseph Wilk is a Teen Specialist at The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Main (in Oakland), where he orders CDs, graphic novels, graphic series and manga; coordinates community video programs; runs the anime club; and enjoys every minute of getting to dedicate himself to such an awesome group of Pittsburghers. In his spare time, he volunteers in the Teen Lounge of UPMC Children’s Hospital and the Shuman Juvenile Detention Center, produces electronic dance music, deejays, tries to put his degree in poetry writing to use, cooks vegan food, and brainstorms new ways to get involved in the world–and drag others into it with him. Joseph also cuts his own hair, stemming from a traumatic incident he suffered as a middle schooler.

Kelly picKelly is the manager of the Teen Department at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Main.  She runs Main’s Teen Advisory Council and orders its teen fiction books and ebooks.  Kelly is a letter writer, face maker, bike rider, baker, and, of course, book lover.  She loves stories about dysfunctional familiesPittsburgh’s pastbaseball, and family secrets.

lauren pic

Lauren Paige Zabelsky. is the Teen Services Specialist at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Woods Run.  She has an intense love of vintage clothing, scooters and records.  She considers herself an activist and has been involved with peaceful protesting since she was 13 years old.  Some of her favorite causes include animal welfare, education , the environment and LGBT rights.  Her favorite reads usually delve into dystopian worlds.  Lauren likes to spend her time volunteering at an animal shelter and shares her home with two fuzzy cats that make her laugh out loud every day.

LeeAnn Anna is the Teen Services Coordinator for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh District Library Center. She thinks she has the best job in the world because she gets paid to know teens and Teen Librarians, plan teen programs for the whole city and district, and talk about teen books! Notice a running theme here? When she’s outside the library she digs reading (especially supernatural fiction), working on several altered art projects at once, watching Scrubs, playing video games and disc golf, nurturing her troll obsession, and singing to herself

morgansuity_blogphoto (1)Morgan Suity is a Librarian in the Teen Department at CLP Main.  You might also see her working the Reference Desk at the Cooper-Siegel Community Library in Fox Chapel.  A native of the Pittsburgh area, she has finally, recently, moved into the city proper to become a real hipster in Lawrenceville.  In her spare time she reads probably not as many books as she should, watches way too much television, and writes short fiction.

Maggie Craig is the Youth Services Librarian at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh- Carrick. Outside of library life, she loves food and travel, pop culture and hidden culture, people-watching, storytelling, rust belt folklore, and collecting fortune cookie wisdom.

Michael Balkenhol is the Teen Services Specialist at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Hazelwood. At the Library, he spends his time peddling books, technology and crafts to any child, tween or teen who will listen to him! When not at work, Michael likes to spend his time visiting friends and family, being allergic to things, listening to new music, laughing too loud, cooking then eating, practicing yoga, reading anything and watching way too much HBO. Here on the blog he shares his love of all things funny, enlightening, technological or just generally awesome!

Tessa Barber is Librarian and Teen Specialist at CLP-East Liberty. She has been known to use old encyclopedias to make bookshelves, but usually reads books instead of drilling holes into them. There’s a good chance that she would be collaging, knitting, or watching a horror movie if you showed up at her door. Usted puede practicar su español con ella–si Ud. tenga mucha paciencia. Tessa is also co-creator of Crunchings & Munchings a YA lit blog.

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  1. i was reading this book called ” sisters red ” . i relly like it it’s about 2 sisters who went they were younger their granda mother got attacked but a werewolf or in this story they call them Fenris . after oma march ( grandma) was killed lett ( Scarlett older sister ) goes in 2 protective mode she kills the fenris and gets all balled up. but in the end she saves rosie ( little sister ) . i know its short but i don’t want to runeing the story …….

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