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Teen Media Awards

On Wednesday, August 14, 2013, Library staff and community members gathered to honor the creative works of Pittsburgh teens at the 3rd annual Teen Media Awards! Winners of the Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest and TheLabs “Labsy” Awards shared their writing and creative arts with a packed theater!

Teen Media Awards 2013 @ Carnegie Museum of Art Theater

Teen Media Awards 2013 @ Carnegie Museum of Art Theater

Keynote speaker Shioban Vivian started off the evening with an inspiring (and comical) talk about following your dreams and always striving to be creative and hard working. See below for winners and photos from this very special night in Pittsburgh!


Keynote Speaker: Siobhan Vivian

Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest

1st Place: “A or a” by Rose Swanson
2nd Place: “Hospitalia” by Agatha Monasterios – Ramirez

Short Prose
1st Place: “Bishop and Wash” by Lana Meyer
2nd Place: “Veteran Advice” by Kristen Grom

Screen Writing
1st Place: “cHaos before hArmony” by Justen Turner-Thorne
2nd Place: “On the End of Every Fork” by Tyler Hudson

Labsy Awards

1st Place:Tanzania” by Olivia Muse
Honorable Mentions: “Flagpole” by Morgan Wable-Keene, “Downtown” by Raven

1st Place:Chronology Poster” by Morgan Wable-Keene
Honorable Mentions: “Submission 2” by Sarah Watkins, “Drawing 1” by Lexi Hall

1st Place:Short Jam” by David Watkins
Honorable Mentions: “Midas Theme” by Morgan Wable-Keene

Maker’s Studio
1st Place:Space Intruder” by Morgan Wable-Keene
Honorable Mentions: “Speaker” by Ceu Gomez Faulk, “Glam-o-Tron” by Joshalyn and Cassidy

1st Place:Hat Chasers” by Simone Traub, Julian Edwards, Ashae Shaw, Umoja Shaw, Trayvon Ramsey, Jayla Ramsey, and Caliyha Hogan
Honorable Mentions: “Midas” by Cody, Morgan, Sarah, Philppa, Pascal, Kayla, and Pei Pei, “Electric Twist” by Kate Philipps, Hannah Philipps, Tessa Twyman, and Mae Twyman

DSC_0022 DSC_0026 DSC_0034 DSC_0041 DSC_0044 DSC_0052 DSC_0058 DSC_0090 DSC_0096 DSC_0098 DSC_0101 DSC_0106 DSC_0110 DSC_0112 DSC_0113 DSC_0115 DSC_0116 DSC_0125 DSC_0150

For more photos from the Teen Media Awards click here or here or here.

The 2014 Teen Media Awards are just around the corner. If you are a budding writer, photographer, filmmaker, designer, creative-extraordinaire in Pittsburgh or Allegheny County, get started on your work today!

Looks for details on the Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest in spring 2014 and visit The Labs at Main, East Liberty, Southside, and Allegheny to start working on your designs, photography, and more!

This week in Pittsburgh: Lozziwurms, singing orphans, and little mermaids

As usual, this week at CLP we have a plethora of things for you to come and do –

watch a movie about terrifying earthworms,

play in a video and card game tournament,

create songs, films, graphic art and more at a Labs location,

sew your own creations,

draw comics

the list goes on and on.

Going to a library program is one thing you can do to complete your TSR activity list – don’t forget to turn yours in so you can go to our End of Summer Reading festivities!



In the wider world of Pittsburgh there are also some things well worth mentioning –

1. The Lozziwurm, “a colorful, twisting, tubular play sculpture designed by Yvan Pestalozzi in 1972” is open for play at the Carnegie Library Museum of Art. It’s part of the upcoming 2013 Carnegie International, and part of their current Playground Project exhibit.

You’re never too old for a playground, so go play on the Lozziwurm and learn about competing schools of thought in playground design and theory (yes, it’s a thing!)

(Taking a photo at a museum is also something on the TSR activity list, hint hint…)

photo by flicker user masivaan

photo by flicker user masivaan

2. Are you an actor, singer, dancer, or all three? Do you want to be?

There are several open auditions going on this week


The Heritage Players in Bethel Park is auditioning for a production of Oliver! – the classic tale of a hungry orphan. Bring a song of your choice.

(Hint: The library has librettos, cds, and sheet music for many, many, musicals. Checking a book out of the library is one activity to do on your TSR Activity List!)


Gemini Theater in Point Breeze is auditioning for a production of The Little Mermaid – they’re asking for a 1-2 minute a capella song and cold reading.

and finally, The Junior Mendelssohn Choir is looking for singers for all voice parts. Click the link for audition requirements and dates.

-Tessa, CLP – East Liberty

Update: The One Good Thing Project

Last October, I wrote about The One Good Thing Project.


The One Good Thing Project is a participatory art project that helps us find the good that happens each day. Getting involved is easy! Take a booklet. Fill it with good things. Keep it or return it to the collection.


Desk with return slot!

Since showing the project at CLP Hazelwood, the next step was to bring the project out into the community. Emily Sciulli and I launched the program with middle school students at Pittsburgh Mifflin and St. Rosalia Academy. The results have been stellar! Check out some photos from the schools!


One Good Thing Project @ Pittsburgh Mifflin


8th Grade @ Pittsburgh Mifflin!


8th Grade @ Pittsburgh Mifflin!


8th Grade @ Pittsburgh Mifflin!

Paying it forward: We got ice cream at Dell's for Mifflin students who returned booklets!

Paying it forward: We got ice cream at Dell’s for Mifflin students who returned booklets!

Special thanks to everyone who has participated so far. Now we want YOU to take part!

We will be featuring the project at CLP Hazelwood this summer. To participate, drop by the library starting in July. Take a booklet. Fill it with good things (photos/words/anything good). Return it to the collection or keep it as a gift.

One Good Thing Project returns to CLP Hazelwood soon!

The One Good Thing Project returns to CLP Hazelwood soon!

Can’t get here, no problem! Grab a notebook and start record one good thing every day.

Happy Summer. Fill it with good things!

Michael (CLP Hazelwood)

Make Pittsburgh Beautiful.


Bittercress (Credit: Doug Oster/Post-Gazette)

It has officially been spring for nearly one month and it’s finally starting to feel like it. Now that the gloom of winter is over, it’s time to get busy beautifying our city again. Spring is a time for renewal. Flowers are blooming. Trees are being planted. Litter is being removed. And, yes, you can help!

Last week, volunteers from the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh scaled Mt. Washington to clean up the mountainside! They removed 60 bags of trash, 25 bags of recyclables, a shopping cart, and even a baby stroller! Amazing!

Mt. Washington Clean Up

Mt. Washington Clean Up (Credit: KDKA)

There are so many volunteer opportunities celebrating Earth Day on and Arbor Day over the next few weeks. The Great PA Cleanup is a good place to start. There are still a few community cleanup’s scheduled all over Pittsburgh – Hazelwood (4/20), Homewood (5/2), Highland Park 5/11).

Great PA Cleanup

Tree Pittsburgh is an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the City’s vitality by restoring and protecting City trees. There are opportunities to help at tree planting events and learn to prune the urban forest. Check out Tree Pittsburgh’s calendar.

Tree Pittsburgh

At CLP-Hazelwood we will be celebrating Arbor Day with the finale of Teen Reading Lounge. Stop by to help clean up around the library, pull weeds, spread mulch, and hang colorful birdhouses on trees along Second Avenue! Thursday, April 25th at 5:00pm.

Sneak Preview: Birdhouses @ CLP-Hazelwood!

Sneak Preview: Birdhouses @ CLP-Hazelwood!

Can’t make it to a clean-up event? No Problem! Start small. Clean up litter around your house, street, or school! Water dry flowers, grass, and trees. Keeping and making Pittsburgh beautiful is something everyone can do!

(Michael @ CLP-Hazelwood)

Larimer teens discover the music of the future: No Generation Podcast

Just down the street from both CLP – East Liberty and CLP – Homewood is the Kingsley Association, a community center extraordinaire. They have a pool, basketball court, yoga classes, community meetings, and a Youth Advisory Council.

An EEYAC meeting

An EEYAC meeting


I recently went to an unveiling of the Council’s new project: a podcast called No Generation Radio.


Artwork by Blaine Siegel

Teenagers from EEYAC had come together with local artist Blaine Siegel to create the podcast. They interviewed community members of Larimer to find stories from their past and present dealing with music, and then musicians from Larimer and other Pittsburgh neighborhoods imagined what the music of the future in Larimer would be like, based on those stories.

This includes David Bernabo, who said on his blog that his future music piece was created “us[ing] census data and analysis to forecast how Larimer will change in the future. I imagine that gentrification would occur to some extent and the neighborhood will become more racially integrated. From a musical standpoint, I am presenting music that would exist for an educational use. The idea was that music could be encoded in the future to “push” knowledge to the listener.”

All 7 podcasts can be heard on the No Generation tumblr. Check them out!



If you’re interested in creating a podcast, you can do it at the library!  The Labs have the equipment and mentors to help you realize your vision and put it out into the world. Come to one of the Labs locations!

Check out these books to get you started:

guidetopodcasting   podcasting101

And, don’t forget, the library has many Teen Advisory Councils in its locations – if you want to bring your fun ideas to the library for old and new friends to enjoy, make it happen!


-Tessa, CLP – East Liberty


World Kindness Day

I bet you didn’t know that today is World Kindness Day.  I didn’t know it either until a few days ago, but I think it’s a great idea.  The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has a great website with ideas about how you can help and get involved in your community, cards and bookmarks, and resources about how kindness can make you a happier and healthier person.  And the best part is that it is FREE and EASY to practice kindness.  It can be as simple as smiling or saying hello to someone.

The Library is also a great place to turn for ideas about kindness.  You can volunteer at one of your local branches,  find a great book about kindness, or even go shopping to help the Library and the community!  Here are some great examples of items we have that can help you on your journey to be a kinder person:

 Do One Nice Thing:Little Things You Can Do To Make the World a Lot Nicer by Debbie Tenzer.  Debbie Tenzer is the founder of a website (DoOneNiceThing.com) that focuses on how making small improvements can make a big difference to the world around you.  Her website has a bunch of great ideas and stories, including ways to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  In her book, she offers a bunch of easy ideas that people can do to help that won’t take much time or money.  This is a great resource for anyone who is looking for simple ways to practice kindness.

The Power of Small: Why Little Things Make All the Difference by Linda Kaplan Thayer and Robin Koval.  The authors are  advertising executives who offer a number of stories how the smallest acts can influence the biggest decisions.

Jim-CLP Sheraden

Shut up and play: Come try Silent Library!

You don’t need to be made of solid muscle to play our version of the MTV show, Silent Library, and we promise not to try to make you vomit. We will try to make you laugh, though!

Silent Library

Tuesday, October 8, 3:30-5:30

When your friends are being humiliated with zany challenges, do you have the strength to just stand and watch? For example…have you ever seen someone make a sandwich using only their feet? Just like the popular MTV show, if you can stay silent while your friends are going berserk, we will give you prizes!

By now, we hope you know that we don’t usually give you the (shh) finger…but come on by for Silent Library, and we’ll make exceptions to that rule.

Want to play, but would rather see someone else humiliated than do it yourself?  Check out one of these books!

Schadenfreude, Baby! : a delicious look at the misfortunes of others (and the pleasures it brings us), by Laura Lee.

Why does it feel so good to see others feel so bad? Take a moment away from your own troubles to dig into the troubles of others. Right or wrong, you just might feel better.

I love you, Beth Cooper, by Larry Doyle.

Dennis was captain of the Debate Team. Beth Cooper was the head cheerleader. And until Dennis gave a totally unique graduation speech that went something like, “I love you, Beth Cooper!” neither she, nor her beefy Army boyfriend knew or cared who Dennis was.

Cringe: teenage diaries, journals, notes, poems, and abandoned rock operas, by Sarah Brown.

If you’ve ever read one of your own diaries from years gone by only to be filled with the sudden urge to light a match, buy a paper shredder, or move far far away, consider reading someone else’s loot, instead. If you’re extra nosy, there’s more like it here and here.

How to Survive Anything, by Rachel Bucholz.

From embarrassing parents to shark attacks – if knowledge is power, advice on these moments could be key to you staying alive.

“What’s that smell?” (oh, it’s me.) : 50 mortifying situations and how to deal, by Tucker Shaw.

Prom! Overflowing toilets! Zits! All of the horrible, very real what-ifs of adolescence and some thoughtful tips to go with them.


See you there!
Whitney, CLP – Main

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