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Wave Goodbye

Heads up!  Knowledge coming… in… 3… 2… 1… The CLP Teensburgh blog is going away in favor of Tumblr – starting (like) TOMORROW!

Check it out and follow us for the same great brand of crazy/awesome you’re used to getting here on the blog.  Just think of it…  info on stuff going down at the Library as well as rockin’ book, music, and movie suggestions all alongside cats and Nicolas Cage… yeah, mind blown.

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Jon : Carrick

Free Music And So Much More!

Did you know you can download FREE music from the Library?


It’s true! Freegal, which stands for free and legal, is a music download service that is available with your CLP Library Card. You can download up to 3 free songs every week! There is a huge catalog of music plus plenty of new releases.

Available via web and mobile app.


And if you like Apps… We even have our own CLP App where you can search the catalog, view your account, check for hours/locations, and so much more! Available for iOS and Android!

oh thats nice

You can get it right here! And check out a list of Apps We Love!


Have you seen the CLP-Teen Instagram or Facebook?


If you haven’t, then check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbr, and YouTube!

Even your neighborhood libraries are on Facebook! Check out Woods Run, West End, Hazelwood, and Beechview to start!

Michael B. (Hazelwood)

Just for FUN! Websites and Blogs

The CLP Teen webpage has a whole section dedicated to FUN!  Who doesn’t like to have fun?

teen site

A few fun suggestions:

The Beat:  The News Blog of Comics Culture

Everything you need to know about comics.  Some recent headlines:

New director for beloved franchise chosen…and the world will never be the same

MAC and Archie cosmetics line products revealed

Snap Goes Wolverine’s Spine

Board Game Central

On this site you will find the rules for most board games, news about the board game industry, resources such as books about board games and links to the online versions of many games.  Check out this new board game:

Killer Bunnies and The Conquest Of The Magic Carrot

Gossip Teen

For the lastet teen celebrity news and gossip.  Some recent headlines:

Taylor Swift Ditched Harry Styles for WHAT!?!

Why is Jennifer Lawrence Dressed Up Like a Barbie Doll? – PHOTO

Justin Bieber’s New Acoustic Album LEAKED!!!

Huff Post Teen

The Huffington Post has a teen edition, including a page dedicated to fun stuff.  Check out the Top 15 Quotes from Catching Fire.

IPL2 (Internet Public Library) For Teens

IPL2 For Teens is an awesome resource for home work help and research papers, but today we are looking for fun things. IPL2 for teens has fun stuff too.  Learn more about the history of graphic novels.  Find links to thousands of webcomics.

MTV’s Hollywood Crush

Hollywood Crush covers the teen celebrity scene with an emphasis on movie and television news.  Pageturners takes a look at current books, especially those books being adapted for film and television. 


All you need to know about the big game.  Check out this awesome trivia game: 

2-Minute Trivia Super Bowl Edition.

Seventeen Quizzes, Games and Fun

Seventeen Magazine has always had the best Quizzes!  Check out the Beauty Quizzes, Celebrity Quizzes and Personality Tests. 


The TeenNick website covers the shows and offers other fun stuff too.  TeenNick Blog, TeenNick.com Games and Quizzes are all available on this site.   Try some of the quizzes like What style of dance are you?  I’m a Jazz dancer. 

Teen Reads

Teen Reads is part of the Book Reporter family.  Find tons of book lists and reviews on this site.  Check out their Valentine’s Day feature:  Books to Fall in Love With 2013. 



CLP–Mt. Washington

Life Stories

Dear Teen Me is the book version of the blog Dear Teen Me which began on December 1, 2010.  Dozens of Young Adult authors are sharing their experiences as teenagers.  Their biggest nightmares.  Their greatest thrills.  And everything in between.

E. Kristin Anderson and Miranda Kenneally are the editors of Dear Teen Me, and they have a message for everyone:

This book is for you.  For the loners, the stoners, the freaks and the geeks, the head cheerleaders and the kids eating lunch in the library, the starting line-up, the benchwarmers, the glee club and the marching band.  This book is for everyone who has ever felt alone or misunderstood, for everyone who dreads prom and also every teen in the homecoming court.  For the wimps, the Goths, and the jocks.  This book is for you.  We hope you love it.

Along with the letters, the book includes questions to answer.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

  • Walking around the main hall of my high school with my dress tucked into the back of my pantyhose after I used the rest room.

Who was your celebrity crush?

  • Jon Bon Jovi.  Still is.

What was your first job?

  • Babysitter.  The first with a paycheck was day camp counselor.

From Youth Communication and Free Spirit Publishing comes the Real Teen Voices series; personal stories about real life issues.

From the introduction of Pressure:

The stories in this book offer a window into many teens’ lives.  You are sure to find within its pages people and experiences you can identify with and relate to.  You might find that you can get more out of the book by applying what the writers have learned to your own life.  The teens who wrote these stories did so because they hope that telling their stories will help readers who are facing similar challenges.  They want you to know you are not alone, and that taking specific steps can help you manage or overcome very difficult situations. 

Find even more Life Stories in the Teen Collection.


CLP–Mt. Washington

Pittsburgh: haunted by historical photographs and documentary poetry!!

Have you ever taken a walk down a Pittsburgh street and wondered what wonderful or terrible things may have happened there in years past?  There’s a way to maybe find out.

crazy clown time

Go to Retrographer to see the past overlaid upon the present.  There, over 5,000 historic images of Pittsburgh have been tagged to the locations at which they were taken.  You can see that in 1935, there was a particularly scary Halloween Party  happening in front of the fountain at the Frick Fine Arts building (read: clowns) and that trolley car tracks used to criss-cross Centre Street.  You can check out how bustling East Liberty looked in 1928, and a road crew working in Homewood, around 1910, looking towards some very familiar rowhouses on Hamilton Ave. that I drive past almost every day of my life.

Or maybe you’d like to take a walk and read poems about the streets on which you’re wandering?  Then get yourself over to Public Record, a project done in 2010-11 by Justin Hopper in connection with Encyclopedia Destructica and Deeplocal.

Hopper uses poetry to expose history.  You can download an iPhone app that will show you a map of Pittsburgh and the locations that correspond to the poems, written about what daily life was like in 19th century Pittsburgh.  Or you can download the MP3s for free.

I hope these sites will inspire you to go create your own Pittsburgh-centered creative works.  Find some history there, at the library, or the Heinz History Center Archives, and make it your own. Submit it to the Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest. Record it in words, film or music at the Labs.   Find the cutest historical boy from Historic Pittsburgh and send the link to My Daguerreotype Boyfriend.

Happy exploring,

-Tessa, CLP-East Liberty


The presidential election may have been decided several weeks ago, but it seems like the infotainment industry has yet to get message.  Thomas Jefferson (probably) said that “[a]n educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people”- or at least something close to that.   If I didn’t agree with that sentiment, I would be very out of place here at the library where I work.  Yet, after months (actually, YEARS) of enduring the obsessive reporting of every candidate’s missteps, embarrassing utterances, and absurd accusations, I just don’t feel like being a responsible and informed citizen anymore.  My heart and my brain needs a break.  This election has dominated the thoughts, discussions, and attention of myself and so many others for far too long.  But now the time has come to cast aside partisanship and politics.  We must come together and immerse ourselves in the world of cute- something we can surely all agree on.  Let me be your leader.

Cute Overload

This amazing site claims to scour the internet and deliver only the crème de la crème of cuteness!  If you fancy yourself as a connoisseur of cute, Cute Overload is the one-stop site for you.

The Daily Otter

In a world brimming with adorable animal species, the sea otter is a definite stand out.  Even if you can’t spend everyday visiting the adorable baby otter pup that lives at the Pittsburgh Zoo, you can still get your cute otter fix everyday on The Daily Otter.

Kitten Cam

Static pictures not enough for you?  How about 24 hours, 365 days a year of live streaming cuteness?!?  But be warned: you are entering a whole new level of time suckage.

Cat Bounce!

Do you find yourself drawn to the cute AND irreverent?  Then look no further than Cat Bounce – a world dominated by cats… bouncing… forever…..


Staring at people through history. It’s not rude if they can’t see you.

One of my favorite tumblrs (apart from the CLP Teens – Main tumblr, ahem) is Of Another Fashion. Its subtitle is: An alternative archive of the not-quite-hidden but too often ignored fashion histories of U.S. women of color. Not only is it cool that a tumblr has a subtitle, it is also very cool that these photographs, stories, and articles are being collected and digitized to reach our eyes and brains.  It’s an offshoot of a project of Minh-Ha T. Pham, who also writes at the blog Threadbared, which talks about the politics (among other things) behind the common representations of fashion and beauty.

It’s always exciting to me to see the stories and, if possible, pictures of people who wouldn’t always get a chance to surface in the public after their personal history is over. In some cases these are people who should be mentioned in history books, and in some cases they’re just normal ladies like you and me, living their lives and having their own style.  I love those glimpses into other people’s lives. (I also check out how people have decorated their houses if their windows are illuminated at night. I’m nebby.)

For example, here’s one of the amazing librarian photos from Of Another Fashion (used via a Creative Commons License):

“Lucille Baldwin Brown was the first Black public county librarian in Tallahassee, Florida. This photograph is part of the collection at the State Library and Archives of Florida.”

It’s so easy to get lost in digital archives, like Historic Pittsburgh, the NYPL Digital Gallery and so many more. It’s really the best form of time travel I know.  All the better that tumblrs like Of Another Fashion are giving us better, fuller ways to see history and the people’s lives that may not have been documented and celebrated so publicly before.

Don’t forget about the library’s collection of books of portrait photography.

– Tessa, CLP- East Liberty

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