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Daft Punk, “Get Lucky,” and the One Book, Every Decade Challenge

swing-dance-vintageAnyone who’s spent any time around me knows that I have an affinity for dance music.

In fact, one of the best parts of my job is getting to go to CAPA and other schools where, as part of our CLP – BAM! (Books and More!) outreach initiative, I get to rock dance parties in school lunch rooms, while at the same time partnering with other librarians to check out books and other materials, provide crafts, play games, and offer all sorts of fun stuff.

One of the cool things about dance music is that it’s not a recent phenomenon (yes, really). As soon as ancient people were able to carve out hollows in wood and gourds, they were working out rhythms and moving along to them. And that old-timey music your grandparents listen to on the radio might not compare in volume to the synth bass lines of Deadmau5, but they were able to get huge dance halls moving.

Enter Daft Punk and their stripped-down neo disco song “Get Lucky,” which you can download–and keep–from the Library through our new Freegal service or, of course, check out. Part of this song’s purpose, as they outlined in a rare radio interview, is to try to strip dance music to its roots and get back to a timeless feeling of groove:

“Like every song on this record, it was something really organic,” Thomas Bangalter said. “They really represent bridging the generations together and what Nile Rodgers represents for dance music and R&B in America in the Seventies and the Eighties and what Pharrell represents from somehow the same genre of music in the Nineties and 2000s, it felt really interesting to connect all these eras together to create the music of the present and possibly the music of the future as well.”

Picking up on that feeling, one very perky Frenchman decided that he’d remake “Get Lucky” into a mix of what the song would sound like through the years, featuring musical styles from every decade from 1920 to… 2020.

After listening to these ditties, I posed a challenge to myself: could I come up with a list featuring books that take place in each decade of the video? The answer, of course, was yes. So now I pose a challenge to you: this summer, can you read a book that takes place in every decade of the century covered?

If you’re looking for suggestions, here’s my one book for every decade list:


silhouetteofasparrowSilhouette of a Sparrow
Molly Beth Griffin

During the summer of 1926 in the lake resort town of Excelsior, Minnesota, sixteen-year-old Garnet, who dreams of indulging her passion for ornithology, is resigned to marrying a nice boy and settling into middle-class homemaking until she takes a liberating job in a hat shop and begins an intense, secret relationship with a daring and beautiful flapper.


watcherintheshadowsThe Watcher in the Shadows
Carlos Ruiz Zafón

When a fourteen-year-old moves with her family to the coast of Normandy, she’s immediately taken by the beauty of the place–its expansive cliffs, coasts, and harbors. But a dark mystery is about to unfold involving a reclusive toymaker who lives in a gigantic mansion filled with mechanical beings and shadows of the past.


momentcomesA Moment Comes
Jennifer Bradbury

As the partition of India nears in 1947 bringing violence even to Jalandhar, Tariq, a Muslim, finds himself caught between his forbidden interest in Anupreet, a Sikh girl, and Margaret, a British girl whose affection for him might help with his dream of studying at Oxford.


outoftheeasyOut of the Easy
Ruta Sepetys

Josie, the seventeen-year-old daughter of a French Quarter prostitute, is striving to escape 1950 New Orleans and enroll at prestigious Smith College when she becomes entangled in a murder investigation.


fireinthestreetsFire in the Streets
Kekla Magoon

In the aftermath of Martin Luther King’s assassination in 1968, Chicago fourteen-year-old Maxie longs to join the Black Panthers, whether or not her brother, ex-boyfriend, or her friends like it. Soon, she finds herself caught up in the violence of anti-war and civil rights demonstrations.


takewhatyoucancarryWhat You Can Carry
Kevin C. Pyle

In 1977 suburban Chicago, Kyle runs wild with his friends and learns to shoplift from the local convenience store. In 1941 Berkeley, the Himitsu family is forced to leave their home for a Japanese-American internment camp, and their teenage son must decide how to deal with his new life. But though these boys are growing up in wildly different places and times, their lives intersect in more ways than one, as they discover compassion, learn loyalty, and find renewal in the most surprising of places.


eleanorparkEleanor & Park
Rainbow Rowell

Set over the course of one school year in 1986, this is the story of two star-crossed misfits–smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try.


whenlovecomestotownWhen Love Comes to Town
Tom Lennon

The year is 1990, and in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, Neil Byrne plays rugby, keeps up with the in-crowd at his school, and is just a regular guy. A guy who’s gay. It’s a secret he keeps from the wider world as he explores the city at night and struggles to figure out how to reveal his real self–and to whom.


staywithmeStay With Me
Garret Freymann-Weyr

Sixteen-year-old Leila Abranel was born some twenty years after her sisters. Her elegant sisters from her father’s first marriage have lives full of work, love affairs, and travel. Leila doesn’t know either of them very well, but she loves hearing about them–details of Rebecca’s ruined marriage, Clare’s first job, and the strings of unsuitable boyfriends. When Rebecca kills herself, Leila wants to know why. She starts by spending time with Clare and finally comes to know her as a person instead of a story. With Clare’s reluctant help, Leila tracks down Rebecca’s favorite places and tries to find her sister’s friends. Along the way, Leila meets Eamon. Eamon is thirty-one and writes for television. He thinks Leila is beautiful and smart, but he does not, he tells her, date teenagers. And yet, the months go by and Leila turns seventeen and learns that you can love someone you are not dating. Maybe letting Eamon love her back is a mistake. Maybe she’ll never know why Rebecca did what she did. Maybe, Leila, decides, most people have a hard time figuring out which way is left or knowing when to let go and when to stay.


Andrew Smith

Two years younger than his classmates at a prestigious boarding school, fourteen-year-old Ryan Dean West grapples with living in the dorm for troublemakers, falling for his female best friend who thinks of him as just a kid, and playing wing on the Varsity rugby team with some of his frightening new dorm-mates.


whenwewakeWhen We Wake
Karen Healey

Sixteen-year-old Tegan is just like every other girl living in 2027–she’s happiest when playing the guitar, she’s falling in love for the first time, and she’s joining her friends to protest the wrongs of the world: environmental collapse, social discrimination, and political injustice. But on what should have been the best day of Tegan’s life, she dies–and wakes up a hundred years in the future, locked in a government facility with no idea what happened. Tegan is the first government guinea pig to be cryonically frozen and successfully revived, which makes her an instant celebrity–even though all she wants to do is try to rebuild some semblance of a normal life. But the future isn’t all she hoped it would be, and when appalling secrets come to light, Tegan must make a choice: Does she keep her head down and survive, or fight for a better future?

Dance, read, and have a good summer!

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main

Spare Your Body! Last Chance to Get Fit Before Fall Sports

If you’ve been following the upcoming NFL season, you may have caught news that Lions rookie running back Mikel Leshoure suffered a torn Achilles tendon and will be out for the season. He marks the 10th torn Achilles’ in NFL training camps to date; according to this USA Today article, half are rookies (only one is older than 25) and are almost certainly hurt due to a lack of preparedness because of the lockout-shortened pre-season.

So, as football, soccer, and other fall sports approach, make sure your body is ready for the physical challenges of competition. Luckily, the library has books that can get you up to game speed in no time.

Fitness Information for Teens
edited by Lisa Bakewell

Everything from working your muscles to proper stretching and nutrition is covered in this detailed guide, designed specifically for the teenage anatomy. Different chapters also cover issues related to specific sports, from softball to skating.

Strength and Power
by Avery D. Faigenbaum and Wayne L. Westcott

This book is designed specifically for building muscle strength and athleticism. Reduce injuries with the increased strength and power designed through the workouts in this book, as well as the sport-specific workouts for power sports, jumping sports, striking sports, and endurance sports.

Fitness Training for Girls
by Katrina Gaede, Alan Lachica, and Doug Werner

Whether by joining a gym, working out at home, playing sports, or just living a more active life, this is a book geared towards being a mentally tough, physically strong young woman.

Peak Performance
by Donna Shryer

The foods and nutrition guidelines in this book are specifically designed for your athletic training and performance, from what meals to eat, which vitamins and supplements to take, and when you should consume all these things for maximum impact.

So get training and get ready to kick, pass, run, tackle, jump, and whatever else your sporty self desires–and do it safely!

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main

Libros en Español por los Adolescentes a la Biblioteca de Carnegie de Pittsburgh

En el departmento “Teen” en la Biblioteca de Carnegie de Pittsburgh, tenemos casi un cien libros en español especialmente por los adolescentes, incluido muchos libros que ha ganado galardónes en Mexico, en los Estados Unidos, y en España.

¡Sin embargo, me parece que nadie sabe que tenemos estos libros porque no muchos libros se han tomado de los estantes!

Entonces… aqui están unos de mis favoritos:

Allende, Isabel
la Ciudad de las Bestias

Alexander Cold, un joven de quince años, tiene la oportunidad de hacer el viaje de su vida. Dejando atrás a su familia y a su madre enferma, Alexander Cold se embarca con su temeraria abuela, reportera de International Geographic, en una peligrosa expedición al Amazonas. Su misión y la de sus compañeros de viaje—entre otros, un célebre antropólogo, un guía local y su hija Nadia, y un doctor—es documentar al legendario Yeti del Amazonas, más conocido, como “La Bestia.”

Garcia, Kami y Margaret Stohl
Hermosas Criaturas

El joven Ethan Wate cuenta el tiempo que le queda para poder escapar de su aburrido pueblo. Sin embargo, todo cambia cuando una nueva estudiante llega a su instituto: Lena Duchannes, literalmente, la chica de sus sueños… y de sus pesadillas. Ella también cuenta los días que le quedan, aunque sabe que no tiene escapatoria.

López, Anaí
Quiéreme Cinco Minutos

Elena tiene 15 años y va en tercero de secundaria. Tiene muchos lunares y no le gusta su pelo. No es muy aplicada en la escuela y, aunque tiene pegue, se siente insegura desde que empezó a crecer más en talla de brassier que en estatura. Pero también es simpática, intensa y está enamorada de quien no debe.

Zafón, Carlos
El Príncipe de la Niebla

Son tiempos de guerra, y la familia Carver decide dejar la ciudad donde vive para instalarse en un pequeño pueblo costero donde han comprado una casa. Pero desde el momento en que cruzan el umbral de la puerta, comienzan a suceder cosas extrañas. En la misteriosa casa aún respira el espíritu de Jacob, el hijo de los antiguos propietarios, que murió ahogado.

Sierra i Fabra, Jordi
Una Dulce Historia de Mariposas y Libélulas

Esta es la historia de Qin, un hombre, un padre, un pobre y humilde campesino de las montañas de Loess. La suya y la de su familia, su esposa Gong, sus hijos Cheng y Shan, sus nueras Li y Yu, su nieto Wu y el que está en camino y a punto de nacer. La historia de un viaje en busca de una niña muerta para que su hijo pequeño, Zhai, tenga compañía en el más allá.

¡Leer feliz!

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main

Take Home One of Our Tragically Overlooked Graphic Series! (A-M Edition)

One of the saddest things for a librarian to see is an awesome title languishing on the shelf. They might have a great cover, an awesome story, or great writing, but we see them begging day after day for somebody to check them out. This happens often in our Teen Graphic Series section, where it’s hard for items to get noticed in between the Batmans and Spidermans of the world.

So if you have a heart this holiday season, take home one of these lonely little friends and see why we bought them in the first place!

Avalon High: Coronation
Meg Cabot

Ellie Harrison moves to a new school in a new town, ready to adjust and restart her normal life. Yet, life proves to be anything but normal when it’s possible that the boy she falls for, Will, just might be the reincarnation of King Arthur. Now Ellie must convince Will to take on the mantle and fight a brewing evil. This is based off of Meg Cabot’s 2005 novel Avalon High, and the lively, manga-style art will breathe new life for even seasoned readers.

Avril Lavigne’s Make 5 Wishes
Camilla d’Errico and Joshua Dysart

Hana is a lonely, quiet schoolgirl who would have nothing to distract her from her parent’s dissolving marriage and the teasing of her classmates if it weren’t for her imaginary best friend, Avril Lavigne. One day, Hana buys a mysterious package from the site Make5Wishes.com, which gives new meaning to the phrase “be careful what you wish for.” Soon, the demon Romeo arrives, and Hana makes one regrettable wish after another!

Mark Davis, Mike Davis, and Brandon Schultz

Blak has a magical ability that gives him extra-skilled fighting abilities in addition to being extraordinarily gifted in the skills of rap. Blak will need every one of these skills when he takes to the streets to battle gangs, his brother’s killers, and his own personal demons–not to mention the literal demons that lurk deep within the city.

Courtney Crumrin
Ted Naifeh

Courtney Crumin was dragged from her previous life to a well-to-do suburb to live with her Great Uncle Aloysius. That wouldn’t be so bad, if Aloysius wasn’t creepy and strange noises weren’t coming from the closets and the walls: creaks, clunks, and… groans? Suddenly, Courtney isn’t just the new kid at school, she’s the new kid at ghoul! Thankfully, Courtney’s special brand of dark humor is enough to keep them at bay.

Girl Genius
Kaja & Phil Foglio

Adventure, romance, and mad science collide in these collections of Kaja & Phil Foglio’s online webcomic Girl Genius. Agatha has no idea that she is a distant Heterodyne, a family who once “travelled the globe negotiating peace, stopping monsters, and shutting down doomsday devices.” On top of that, Agatha possesses the Spark, the ability to play with the laws of physics. One day, an evil Baron comes-a-knocking, and Agatha is hurtled full-bore into an adventure that nobody could have exptected!

Grease Monkey
Tim Eldred

Robin Plotnik arrives aboard the space station Fist of Earth, ready to apprentice as a space mechanic under Mac, a super-evolved simian ready to guide her through the finer points of a monkey wrench. Together, they assist the Barbarian Squadron, the all-female team of space fighters waiting to go to war. Adventures ensue in this collected graphic series that is more fun than a barrel of humans!

Hopeless Savages
Jen Van Meter

It’s hard to rebel when your parents are already punk rock superstars Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Savage. Thankfully, Rat Hopeless-Savage has the answer: take a 9-5 job and be as shockingly normal as possible. Of course, with parents (and friends) like Rat has, things can’t stay normal for long. Can Rat keep it under wraps, or is he destined to live the life of the hopeless savage?

Roman Dirge’s Lenore
Roman Dirge

Lenore isn’t just your average little dead girl. Limbless cannibals, clock monsters, cursed vampire dolls, taxidermied friends, bunny impersonations, tea parties from the dark side, and an encounter with the “toof hairy” are just a few of the inhabitants of Lenore’s darkly comedic world.

Adam Warren

When the covert ops program S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted to test the next generation of androids, they wanted them to look–and act–like the next generation. The team is put in action right “out of the box” and has to adjust to their new, dangerous surroundings just like a teenager would. But when you’re a teenager with highly-evolved cybernetic strength and other upgrades, you’ll have more than growing pains.

The Lost Colony
Grady Klein

What happened to the colonies that were off the map? For one small, isolated village in the early half of the 19th century, it means being populated by a very eccentric set of harmonious characters. One day, a sinister figure arrives to sell slaves at auction, undermining the values and daily routines of the residents. One by one, they each try to disrupt the auction, but what are their motives?

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Teen

It Came from the Stacks: Finding Cool Fiction

It’s summer, which means every day hungry teens tear through our books. It also means It also means each morning, we try to make everything look nice again after the teen tornado has swept through. While it’s not fun stooping to pick up the books that have half-fallen through the floor and sneezing through clouds of dust, nothing can quell the feeling of when an interesting book catches your attention.

Here are the books that I found as I stooped, squatted, reached, lifted, and otherwise cleaned up after our illustrious teen readers:

Catherine Ryan Hyde
Becoming Chloe

Jordy is a gay 17 year-old who’s left alone in New York City, with no family or friends to worry about. One day, Chloe comes into Jordy’s life, with more secrets than a teen should ever have to bear. Chloe has been taught that the world is an ugly place, and it’s up to Jordy to show her that it’s not–before it’s too late.

Brian James
Dirty Liar

Benji has to leave home after his mother’s boyfriend crosses an unimaginable line. He moves into his father’s Portland home with his new stepmother, but he doesn’t trust her. Nor does Benji’s father trust him. At the end of the day, can Benji even trust himself?

A.M. Jenkins

When a demon (who prefers to be called a “fallen angel”) gets bored in hell, it makes its way to earth to inhabit the body of a seventeen-year-old slacker. Meanwhile, the teen’s parents and friends are wondering why he’s suddenly acting so strange…

Paula Jolin
In the Name of God

Nadia is a devoted student, daughter, and sister, but nothing compares to her desire to walk the straight path and follow the laws of Islam. But that doesn’t stop her from being conflicted as her peers become Westernized; economic, social, and political struggles rage around her; and war breaks out in Iraq. Soon, her cousin is arrested for speaking out, and Nadia is drawn into an unforseen path of doubt and sacrifice.

David Nicholls
A Question of Attraction

The year is 1985, and Brian Jackson–a working class kid on a full scholarship to university–has a dark secret: he’s always wanted to appear on the TV quiz show University Challenge. After he joins the school team and makes it through the qualifying rounds, Brian’s finally poised to appear on television for the first time ever. But love has other plans for Brian. After he falls for one of the members on his team, he has harder questions to answer than trivia can provide.

Shana Norris
Something to Blog About

Libby Fawcett is not having a good day. First she lights her hair on fire with a Bunsen burner (with her longtime crush Seth Jacobs watching). Then she finds out that her mother is dating the father of Angel Rivera, the meanest, nastiest girl in school! Libby starts a secret blog to vent, but can even a blog contain what cruel prank Angel Rivera is about to play next?

Jon Ripslinger
How I Fell in Love & Learned to Shoot Free Throws

Danny “the Bruiser” Henderson plans on wooing the beautiful Angel McPherson. But not through traditional means like dinner, flowers, or chocolate. Angel McPherson happens to be the best female basketball player in the state of Iowa, and Danny knows the only way to her heart is through his jump shot. Unfortunately, Danny can’t shoot a free throw to save his life.

Janet Ruth Young
The Opposite of Music

When his dad stopped listening to music, Billy knew something was wrong. Then he stopped eating, sleeping, or even being a father at all. Billy’s family undergoes a series of creative remedies to fight the depression, but will their efforts drain them past the point at which they can keep their father alive?

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main

Model Behavior

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m hooked on a bunch of reality TV shows. My top choices are the design shows — Project Runway and Design Star are both very special — and cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef aren’t far behind. Between the designing and the cooking, though, is the modeling: America’s Next Top Model.

I am hooked on ANTM, and that addiction has extended to a furious devouring of all things modelish. I’ve even been known to watch Australia’s Next Top Model between seasons. The drama, the clothes, the challenges…I love it all. I especially love that this past season the winner of ANTM was a plus-sized model.

If you’re like me and love watching the drama behind the scenes of the fashion industry, don’t despair because the ANTM season is over and Project Runway has yet to begin: there’s been an influx of teen titles all about modeling and fashion lately! Here are a few to get you started.

A Girl Like Moi cover Barham, Lisa. A Girl Like Moi

How’s a fashion-obsessed teenager supposed to pay off a credit card? Get an internship in a fashion-forecasting agency, of course!

Airhead Cover

Cabot,Meg. Airhead

Emerson Watts was in a horrible accident. Now, she feels fine — but she has a strange craving for wasabi peas, and people keep thinking she’s a supermodel!

Just Listen cover

Dessen, Sarah. Just Listen

Annabel has it all, including a part-time modeling job. When the unthinkable happens, Annabel learns that what’s on the outside might not be so important, after all.

Model cover

Diamond, Cheryl. Model: a Memoir

Cheryl Diamond was 14 when she began modeling in New York City. Her memoir, written at age 20, talks about her life in the business: the very high highs, the extreme lows, and starting over again.

model spy cover

Greenland, Shannon. The Specialist: Model Spy

Martial arts expert? Check. Explosives expert? Check. Psychic? Check. Computer hacker who can also pass as a supermodel? Well, we’ll find out!

violet on the runway

Walker, Melissa. Violet on the Runway

Violet’s always been too tall, skinny and gawky to stand out, until she’s discovered in a movie theater by a modeling agent. Then she stands out in a big way.



Teen Services Coordinator

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