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Start It Up! Entrepreneurship: A different way to think about your future

“High school is like the training wheels for the bicycle of real life.”
Ghost World – Graduation Speaker

Well, I think high school is a lot more than that, but in some ways this quote is true. The time we spend in high school is largely devoted to planning and getting ready for the rest of our lives. But if going on to college, or getting a job don’t really seem like the right fit, or if you are just yearning for an outlet for your creativity why not consider entrepreneurship as a part of your future?

There are lots of great things about starting up your own business. Here are just a few!
1. Working for yourself is hugely satisfying
2. Be your own boss, make your own schedule, feel empowered
3. Make money doing something you enjoy
4. Start small and work toward a goal
5. Develop your business while working or studying to reduce risk and increase benefits
6. It’s never too early (or late) to start!

The sky is the limit for entrepreneurial opportunities. There are so many choices to make!
While brick and mortar shops are a more traditional type of business and may be the right choice for your idea, the Internet offers a wealth of opportunities often with a lower cost. Does your business idea revolve around a product? Start up and Etsy shop or post your offering on sites like I Made It Myself and Storenvy. If your business idea is more service oriented consider a site like Fiverr or Task Army. If your idea is too hard to categorize or if you just want to go it alone set up a blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed to get the word out. There are so many ways to start a business with little to no start-up costs, but if your plans are a bit more ambitious consider creating a proposal for an organization like Kickstarter. Whether you’re interested in creating a brick and mortar shop to offer your wares or are planning a web-based business, Kickstarter is an organization that puts your creative mind in touch with people willing to help you reach your financial start-up costs through small investments.

If you’re well on your way to developing you’re own idea for a business, or if you’ve just started brainstorming ideas the library has tons of resources.  Here are just a few!


Artistic Cures for Mid-winter Boredom

Seriously.  What is with all this new snow? 

Ok, ok, I know we live in Pittsburgh and it’s only February but still…

Well if you’re stuck at home AGAIN, maybe you could use a fun project that doesn’t require you to change out of your jammies and can be done with things you probably already have at home. 

Good news!  I’m here to help…

Go to your book shelf and scan it for the object you are least likely to read ever again.  Maybe you should also ask your family members to make sure they aren’t  going to miss it either.  Then turn up your creativity and turn down your skepticism.  Imagine the possibilities of this raw material in your hands.  Make something new and special from something old and forgotten.

I’m talking about altered books and how you should make one.   Altered books (if you don’t know already) are new artistic creations that emerge from the old, worn out or no longer needed reading material in your life.  All you need to make a work of art like the kind I’m talking about is some imagination an old book, magazine, or school workbook and some basic art supplies.  Check out the pictures below for ideas…

Use the story

Check out this cut out depiction of a classic scene in Alice and Wonderland.

Use the words

Find a story within a story inside the pages of a book like this artist did.

Make a point

Or use the pages of a book to inspire you to take a stand about an issue that you find important.

If you still need some ideas check out some of the many tutorials out there, a few of which I’ve included for you here.




Maybe you’ve altered a book before, that’s ok.  The amazing part of this art project is the possibilities.   Turn an old Baby-Sitters Club into a scrap-book of middle school, transform your old coloring book with 3D designs, or paint and fold a magazine into an awesome sculpture to decorate your room.   What’s stopping you from turning a boring day stuck inside into an opportunity to create something totally new, and unique? 

So grab your art supplies and get creating…

If you create something truly cool post about it in the comments and share your inspiration with others.  Then treat yourself to some really amazing examples of altered book art.



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