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Larimer teens discover the music of the future: No Generation Podcast

Just down the street from both CLP – East Liberty and CLP – Homewood is the Kingsley Association, a community center extraordinaire. They have a pool, basketball court, yoga classes, community meetings, and a Youth Advisory Council.

An EEYAC meeting

An EEYAC meeting


I recently went to an unveiling of the Council’s new project: a podcast called No Generation Radio.


Artwork by Blaine Siegel

Teenagers from EEYAC had come together with local artist Blaine Siegel to create the podcast. They interviewed community members of Larimer to find stories from their past and present dealing with music, and then musicians from Larimer and other Pittsburgh neighborhoods imagined what the music of the future in Larimer would be like, based on those stories.

This includes David Bernabo, who said on his blog that his future music piece was created “us[ing] census data and analysis to forecast how Larimer will change in the future. I imagine that gentrification would occur to some extent and the neighborhood will become more racially integrated. From a musical standpoint, I am presenting music that would exist for an educational use. The idea was that music could be encoded in the future to “push” knowledge to the listener.”

All 7 podcasts can be heard on the No Generation tumblr. Check them out!



If you’re interested in creating a podcast, you can do it at the library!  The Labs have the equipment and mentors to help you realize your vision and put it out into the world. Come to one of the Labs locations!

Check out these books to get you started:

guidetopodcasting   podcasting101

And, don’t forget, the library has many Teen Advisory Councils in its locations – if you want to bring your fun ideas to the library for old and new friends to enjoy, make it happen!


-Tessa, CLP – East Liberty


Start It Up! Entrepreneurship: A different way to think about your future

“High school is like the training wheels for the bicycle of real life.”
Ghost World – Graduation Speaker

Well, I think high school is a lot more than that, but in some ways this quote is true. The time we spend in high school is largely devoted to planning and getting ready for the rest of our lives. But if going on to college, or getting a job don’t really seem like the right fit, or if you are just yearning for an outlet for your creativity why not consider entrepreneurship as a part of your future?

There are lots of great things about starting up your own business. Here are just a few!
1. Working for yourself is hugely satisfying
2. Be your own boss, make your own schedule, feel empowered
3. Make money doing something you enjoy
4. Start small and work toward a goal
5. Develop your business while working or studying to reduce risk and increase benefits
6. It’s never too early (or late) to start!

The sky is the limit for entrepreneurial opportunities. There are so many choices to make!
While brick and mortar shops are a more traditional type of business and may be the right choice for your idea, the Internet offers a wealth of opportunities often with a lower cost. Does your business idea revolve around a product? Start up and Etsy shop or post your offering on sites like I Made It Myself and Storenvy. If your business idea is more service oriented consider a site like Fiverr or Task Army. If your idea is too hard to categorize or if you just want to go it alone set up a blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed to get the word out. There are so many ways to start a business with little to no start-up costs, but if your plans are a bit more ambitious consider creating a proposal for an organization like Kickstarter. Whether you’re interested in creating a brick and mortar shop to offer your wares or are planning a web-based business, Kickstarter is an organization that puts your creative mind in touch with people willing to help you reach your financial start-up costs through small investments.

If you’re well on your way to developing you’re own idea for a business, or if you’ve just started brainstorming ideas the library has tons of resources.  Here are just a few!


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