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I’ve just read a couple of cool books

The New Policeman is a fantasy with an Irish vibe. J.J. Liddy and his family are all about music but J.J. has discovered his great grandpa is vilified about something that went down long ago. At the same time, it seems like time is going by faster and faster. Promising to give his mother more time as a birthday gift, he enters Tir na n’Og or the place of eternal youth to get her some. He falls in with Aengus, who may very well be a god, to try to stop a time leak that is making the magical kingdom more like our world. After every short chapter, there’s music for a fiddle song.

The Book of a Thousand Days is based on a lttle-known fairy tale (I love fairy tale adaptations). Lady Saren’s new maid, Dashti is sealed in a tower with her because the lady refuses to wed her father’s pick, a complete tyrant of a man. Instead she says she’s betrothed to another but when Khan Tegus comes to talk with her through the tower’s only slit, he and Dashti fall in love. Except he thinks she’s the lady. Later the two girls escape only to find everything wrecked. They travel to Tegus’ kingdom where he too is threated by Saren’s former fiance. Read to find out what Dashti, who is forever faithful to her lady, does about the kingdom’s plight and her true love.


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