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A mad dash through all sorts of love, courtesy of 11 fine poets (named at the end of the post!). It’s a scientific fact that love poems can keep you warm in a snowstorm (it’s not a fact.)  Check some out at the library today – they’re great inspiration for writing your own. After all, the Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest is coming up.

“I didn’t fall in love. I fell through it:

“I can see what I would miss in leaving—

1: Sarah Manguso
2: Lorna Dee Cervantes
3: Melanie Almeder
4: Tony Hoagland
5: June Jordan
6: Anna Swir
7: Monica Youn
8: Reginald Shepherd
9: Thomas Hardy
10: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
11: Dean Young
– Tessa, CLP – East Liberty

Love or Not.

Falling in love, falling out of love, being admired, being rejected. What a bunch of fun.

It’s the time of year to celebrate love or feel bad about it!  Sometimes it feels like Valentine’s Day is just a plot to separate people from their money.

So let’s not talk about Valentine’s Day with all the guilt and conspicuous consumption! Instead check out one of the many books they library has on all things love and heartbreak.

No love. Friend Love. Paranormal love. Gay love. Zombie Love. Naive Love. Poet Love. All below. Click to order or visit your library!

dizzy in your eyes boyfriends with girlfriends girl meets boy kiss me deadly love selected poems who am i without him warm bodies twilight street love perfectly dateless

Whether You’re Pro or Anti Valentine’s Day, We’ve Got What You Need

Valentine’s Day elicits a wide range of emotions in people.  Even if you’re a Valentine’s hater don’t give up on this post, you may read something you like!

In elementary school, I loved creating my Valentine’s mailbox–a shoe box slathered with paint or strips of red, white and pink construction paper woven into a heart-shaped basket.  I couldn’t wait for my classmates to walk up to my desk and fill it with Ghostbusters, New Kids on the Block, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle valentines!


Valentine’s Day took on a more serious tone in middle school thanks to (or not so thanks to) unsolicited and unrequited crushes.  Instead of giving cards to everyone my classmates chose one person to celebrate with, exchanging fancier cards, chocolates and stuffed animals.

“According to tradition, St. Valentine is the saint associated with courtship, travelers, and young people.  Early celebrations in honor of St. Valentine took place in the middle of February, around the time of an ancient Roman festival known as the Lupercalia. It was customary for men to draw the name of a young girl from a box and celebrate the festival with her.”

During high school I gave my friends Sweethearts to show how important they were to me, but I felt like everyone else was spending too much money due to feelings of guilt or obligation.  A dozen roses were delivered to my house on Valentine’s Day.  They were from a boy friend (not a boyfriend).  I panicked and asked, What am I supposed to do with these?  What am I supposed to say?!  My friends looked at me like I was crazy and said, Just say thank you.

“The central theme in the myth of St. Valentine is doomed romantic love.  St. Valentine fell in love just before he was scheduled to die and could do nothing about it except write a message expressing his love.  “Valentine, St.” U*X*L Encyclopedia of World Mythology.

Whether you’re Valentine’s Day experiences have made you pro- or anti-Valentine’s Day, the Library has a list of events to keep you busy this week.  Bring your significant other.  Bring your best friend.  Be serious or silly, it’s up to you!  Join us to make:

If you’re not up for socializing, ask a teen specialist for some book, movie and music recommendations and create your own Valentine’s tradition.  I’ll be eating a heart-shaped pizza and watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which features crushes, crushed hearts and amazing friends!

heart-shaped pizza

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