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Teen Intern Reporting on UYA

***Hello Bloggers!!!!! My name is Ciana Gaines. This summer I’ve chosen to intern at The Carnegie Library – Homewood Branch.  This opportunity was presented by an non-profit organization called Urban Youth Action (UYA) located in downtown Pittsburgh, who pays me to work at the library! Urban Youth Action is a organization for teens, ages 15-18, that helps you to be work ready, and ready for the world after you graduate from High School, which I have done.   It is a fun and helpful way of learning and an opportunity to make new friends.  Many different kinds of teenagers, from all types of schools,  participate in activities that we are fortunate to get for free. Also, since downtown isn’t as close to many of people’s homes, they give you bus tickets to get there and back whenever you decide to come in. All of this is only if you sign up and are a part of the program.

Along with the educational outlook there are also optional field trips and community service projects for you to participate in. The best thing of all is that there are presenters and/or speakers that come in twice a week (depending on what age range group you are in).  They talk about what their career is and give you a little more information on what they do and how they became a part of it.  Another thing that happens once a week is an academic enrichment class. This class is only a hour long before the presenters and/or speaker arrives. The teachers of the academic enrichment classes are college freshmen, juniors, or seniors. They taught me certain college math skills and helped me review what I already knew from High School. Another thing that they did was gave us summaries of college reading passages. The most important thing about the classes is that every time you go you get five dollars and after a month or two that could add up to be enough to get whatever you had your eye on at the store.  Overall sometimes the class was boring sometimes it was fun, the best thing about it is that I actually learned things that I would need in and out of school.

I never really realized how much I learned from participating in this program until now. In my opinion, Urban Youth Action has something different to offer every person that takes part in the opportunity and if you take the time to sign up you will soon see it was well worth it.

Tough Times for Teens Seeking Jobs

It’s a really tough time to be a teen hunting for a job. Many adults are unemployed right now and they are competing for jobs that usually go to teenagers. Some people think the U.S. might be heading for a record teen unemployment rate this summer http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23694320/

There are still some things that you can do:

Talk to your parents’ friends. Do they know anyone who could use some summer help? Would their workplaces consider hiring a teenager to perform office duties or answer phones?

Get some good references. Before school lets out for the summer, ask your favorite teachers if they will write you a short letter of recommendation that you can then show to potential employers.

Keep up appearances. When you are thinking about stopping at a store to ask for an application, don’t show up with a bunch of friends. Dress like someone they would want to hire—wear the kind of clothes your parents want to see you in at church or an important family function.

Be a clear communicator. Practice what you will say to potential employers so you appear confident and professional. Have someone read over your job application before you hand it in. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that you provided all the required information.

If you still can’t find a job, don’t give up! Keep applying for jobs you are interested in, and really consider volunteering. Volunteering might not pay very well, but it is a great way to gain work experience, figure out what careers might work for you, and earn good references. It is also a great way to be first in line for any paid positions at that company or organization.

And it never hurts to check out a few books with some tips for entering the world of work:


Sara Dora CLP-Hazelwood

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